“Not required” to do some car maintenance, older drivers: done two to explain, was the pits

After everyone Will buy a Car of their own Car maintenance, thIs idea Is not wrong, after all, paid for the buy. But one thing we need to note that not all maintenance Is beneficial, today we have to talk about several common way of maintenance.

The first Is the familiar tire maintenance. In fact, if it Is done in tire maintenance 4s shop, in fact, tire wash it again, removing some of the stones and the like debrIs. Some owners also waxing tires, so tire look more clean, in fact, there Is no need, because the consumption of large tires, maintenance can not keep up.

“not required” to do five kinds of Car Care, older drivers: done two to explain, it was the pits.

Second, the engine cleaning maintenance. It estimated that some friends encountered such a situation, it Is the old master when a Car oil change, said the old petrol place Is not clean, use a cleaning agent to clean the oil, be able to do a hundred percent clean up old oil. In fact, thIs argument Is wrong, the engine running in the process Will produce impurities, oil circulation time again, the filter Will be filtered out directly. Engine Is the equivalent of the human heart, it must safeguard, otherwIse the Car Will be scrapped.

Third, oil cleanup. If the fuel incomplete combustion occurs when the vehicle Is in the process of moving, it Will lead to Carbon deposition. If not for a long time to clean up, then coke Will become serious. ThIs time not only the Car’s engine damage, and even driving power Will decline, and it Will lead to increased fuel consumption. ThIs time the driver Will need to clean up the oil, otherwIse the problem Will become increasingly serious.