“No cost” car maintenance, you Will be a few

As the saying goes: buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult. Yes, apart from Car fuel costs aside, just the usual maintenance costs, but also presumably to let working families as you and I drink a pot! Well, the usual maintenance Car, there’s no cost to maintain it?

Now, Automotive considered people’s daily lives Is very common means of transport, both practical and convenient, many people have also joined the Car owners. However, there are a lot of people complaining about: affordable Car could not afford Cars, hundreds of thousands less maintenance time, one year, one-quarter wages are used in the support Car, it Is the pressure Alexander.

In order to solve all of these problems, we specifically consulted the professional staff, to understand some very practical Car maintenance tips, more importantly, Some of the materials needed for maintenance in all our daily lives Will use things. Do it yourself, daily necessities, but also how difficult maintenance?

First, the toothpaste to scratches, cleaning headlights

As we all know, Is used toothpaste to brush your teeth, some people also use toothpaste to whitewashed shoes. But you know, toothpaste can also get rid of the Car scratch it? Toothpaste has abrasive ingredients, use abrasive sanding scratches on the paintwork, the Car can be restored as new.

Before the use of toothpaste eliminate scratches, first with water to clean scratched area, pressing on a clean towel and a small amount of toothpaste, and then toothpaste stained towel and gently wipe back and forth in the scratched area, until then wipe dry wipes when scratches dIsappear or weaken.

Second, Fengyoujing clean stickers

As we all know, Cars intend to be legally on the road, you need a lot of evidence, including the traffic insurance logo, inspection sticker, road and bridge traffic signs and so on votes, but these signs are usually posted on the front windshield of the Car, even if there Is no Car users should also have seen .

But it Is worth noting that these flags are requiredTo then be replaced when they examined, but due to the large adhesive tack, and has the characterIstics of high-temperature water-resIstant, and therefore very difficult to clean up. At thIs time, we can sticker topcoat advantage spirits (the amount a little more would be better), waiting for a moment to wipe with a dry cloth, wipe the sticker on it, and Will not leave marks .

Third, talcum powder “lubricate” the Car door seals

Recently, many parts of the country are rain weather, and encountered a rainy day, a lot of Car door seals Will be wet with paint adhesion, it Will Issue a “friends squeak” sound when the Car door. At thIs time, we can apply some talcum powder (or use of child lip) on the rubber door weather strip, a “squeak friends” sound Will dIsappear without a trace, the door can open and close freely. Of course, home refrigerator freezer If thIs happens, you can also use talcum powder to solve.

Fourth, soap leather seats

Now, in order to attract users, many Car seats are made of genuine leather. However, it Is also clean leather seats need to be very Careful: chemical cleaning agents Will corrode leather material, and the surface of the Car Will be leather-sudsing detergent beauty shop harden even cracks. then what should we do? Soap to help. Compared to chemical cleaning agents, soap used at home Is also good stain removal, of soap Is important not corrosive, but soft and shiny leather after drying.

When using soap leather seats, first with a clean soft towel soaked in warm water to wet the towel after the towel soap evenly hit , and then gently wipe the seat, a place hit folds repeated cleaning. Cawan performed in air to dry, then wet with a clean towel and then rub it a few times