Nine car maintenance of common sense, you know a few? I do not know to learn!

[home] · Car Care and maintenance of your Car maintenance of nine common sense to know how much? Look yourself.

1, the three main filter

three major Automobile filter element Is equivalent to human lungs in the Car to help clean the filter body. Three major Automobile filter Is: oil filter + air filter + air filter. Need to be replaced when the oil change oil filter, air filter needs to check for the smell, there Is need to replace the air filter, air filter consIstent with air conditioning.

2, oil.

After the Car with a long engine acceleration and the degree of lubrication, gears and oil are in thIs regard has been greatly affected. Oil equivalent engine oil, have a great impact on the life of the Car. Proper use of oil and regular oil changes can ensure the life of the Car. Car should be changed every 5000-7000 km time engine oil, make sure the oil level Is between “L” and “H”. After adding oil, machine oil lamps must ensure clear dIsplay

3, between the cooling liquid F, L two marker lines.

recommend that you replace the cooling liquid vehicle per 40,000 km. In the warm state, between the heat sink should be forbidden to open at full level and low level. You can not add mineral water and tap water.

4, brake fluid (i.e., brake oil).

corresponds to the brake fluid system of a vehicle safety insurance. Recommend replaced every 40,000 kilometers. The brake fluid should be between high and low. For toxic corrosive to skin Care should add the same type of brake and clutch oil oil.

5, transmIssion oil.

Automatic transmIssion shall be replaced once in 40,000 km. According to statIstical analysIs of 90% of the owners because there Is no regular replacement of the Automatic transmIssion, resulting in frequent failures. So I should remind you that if you have time, then every six months to check again.

6, the battery.

Battery life Is approximately 2–3 years, the need to periodically check the battery light damage.

7, the brake pad.

replacement once every 50,000 km, and the coke should be removed periodically.

8, the spark plug.

Since different materials so the use of the spark plug life Is different. Copper-nickel spark plug replacement should 30000-50000 km, platinum spark plugs should be replaced 60000-80000 km, Iridium spark plug should be replaced at 100,000 km.

9, tires.

Is usually replaced in 30,000 to 50,000 km. And once every month to check tire pressure, check for foreign objects and bubbling.

These are the nine knowledge of Car maintenance. What do you know how many went to introduce, so that each knows the owner.