Newcomers need to know three car maintenance items and maintenance intervals, make no mIstake

Now many people when buying a Car only consider the appearance, power and comfort of the Car, often overlooked Car maintenance problems. You know not to buy a Car after the maintenance Is not possible, and do the maintenance Will extend the life of the Car. In doing maintenance, we also must understand clearly what to do maintenance, do not be a pit. Today we’ll talk about the Car you have to do some maintenance projects and maintenance cycle, do not be confused.

the first Is oil, that Is, we usually say the oil, but the role of big oil, lubrication, cooling, damping, etc., for most of the oil Is also a topic of maintenance projects, everyone has been asking in the end for how long oil change? Oil to what extent we can change?

in fact, oil Is a sub-species, full synthetic motor oil expensive, time used longer, almost about 10000-12000 km, semi-synthetic oil price Is cheaper than some of fully synthetic engine oil, usually in the 8000-10000 km all when it can be replaced. Another Is the cheapest mineral oil, almost about 5000 km Will change, I hope you can type your own Car engine oil can have an understanding.

there Is a brake fluid, brake fluid has a feature that Is very easy to absorb water, therefore brake fluid in use for a long time after easily lead to oil-water separation, the performance Will be greatly reduced, thus affecting the Car’s braking effect. So we had better at 40,000 kilometers role Will replace the brake fluid.

Finally, we look for the brakes, many people have asked how long the brake pads replaced once, in fact, thIs Is not a specific replacement cycle, after all brake pads Is a fragile thing, you usually keep using the road conditions and driving time have a certain relationship, loss of a large number of ground must be replaced. In general, then we should replace about 40,000 km, it still has to be handled according to their own situation.

In thIs regard how do you see it?

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