New car to do car maintenance and beauty, I knew

Recently a lot of friends have bought a new Car, to buy a new Car, the owner often beautifully decorated first Car, while ignoring the conservation of the body itself.

for the timely and correct maintenance Car, the Car can eternal youth .

The first Car wash sloppy, improper cleaning, light oil Will damage the outer part, that Car Is not more wash more brighter but more washing dark. Use a mild neutral detergent, the dirt of the cleaned surface of the paint. Some contaminants are not apparent to the naked eye, like Chemical composition gums, alkali, acids, etc., should be completely removed, washing Is simply washed away.

the whole Car cleared. Then the shock polIshing machine glazed “seal roller vehicles. Seal the glaze Is a new technology Is the result of several processes after treatment to form a protective film such as a ceramic article similar to the paint coating on the outer surface, having an ultraviolet barrier , oxidation, resIst high temperatures and acid rain function Cars sealed glaze effect Is obvious, because of an oxidation step can restore faded paint brightening.

in addition it would have just bought a new Car a regard we may, over time, for various reasons, for vehicle maintenance Will increasingly the less.

number washing using O2O operation mode, the subscriber unit through the micro-channel applet online platform, users enjoy on-site service in the line.

an aqueous wax washing top Car wash with returnees Dr. developed patented aqueous wax washing liquid to wash, a spray two wipe clean = + waxing + polIshing + maintenance.

so that you can also Carry out maintenance on your Car in busy times.