Never pay attention to car maintenance, fuel consumption but after a lot of people care more, know regret later

never pay attention to vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption but after a lot of people Care more, know regret later

now almost every family has its own household Car, we all know that from time to time have to go to Car maintenance, otherwIse the Car Will use the more difficult it with, a variety of problems. Many people knowledge of Car maintenance, not many know, I feel that when maintenance Is just drive directly to the 4s shop. After some friends in hIs Car to 4s shop maintenance, fuel consumption Is not only not reduced, but increased. My friend happened to be a maintenance man, after asking to know Why.

First, the first reason Is probably 4s shop in vehicle maintenance process for you to replace the spark plug. The spark plug ignition system Is in the high-voltage current gasoline into the cylinder to produce a spark to ignite the combustible gas mixture components. The species Is not a single spark plug, if 4s shop for you to replace the spark plug Is not in line with your Car, it Will reduce the success rate of the engine ignition, leading to fuel consumption improvement. Another reason for 4s shop if you replace the spark plug when not installed, it Will make the combustion chamber pressure leak, the leak Will lead to other smaller vehicles, which Is the fuel consumption rIses.

The second reason Is 4s repair shop when adding oil with original oil Is not the same. We all know that oil Is sticky, sticky and thus play the role of lubrication between the various components of the Car. If 4s repair shop when the replacement for the Oil vIscosity Is too large, the operation when the Car Will be more smooth, fuel consumption naturally rose.

The final reason Is the 4s shop maintenance vehicles when oil increases too much, or Is 4s shop, do not put your Car in the original the old oil to clean, directly adding new oil, oil too much, the engine Is started it would be more difficult, requiring more gasoline to start the Car.

recommended that owners here if you want to maintain a vehicle, try to go to some formal 4s shop, so kindly vehicle maintenance, maintenance more difficult with the result. Also, if the conditionalThen, to learn about the knowledge of the Car, so ride out any problems you know what, people Will be those unscrupulous 4s shop to hang out.