Most do not need to do three car maintenance! Older drivers are not fooled: he can solve Why Waste of money

most do not need to do three Car maintenance! Older drivers are not fooled: he can solve Why Waste of money

how long a Car able to open, more often than not depends on its price, but by the owners of its maintenance Is in place . But because now faster and faster pace of life, many people do not have enough time to fully understand the situation of their Car, its maintenance Is only time out of the day to come and go 4S shop to do a maintenance package, but the 4S shop Car maintenance course, there Is no need to do many projects, the old driver said: “4S shop let me do thIs three Car maintenance I never fooled, do it yourself can be solved, no need to go 4S shop Waste of money.”

The first one did not need to do the maintenance Is tire maintenance. 4S stores Will often say you some serious tire wear or scratches or something, it Will affect safety, it Is best to be a tire maintenance. However, tire maintenance Is just to clean slots clean sand and gravel, playing waxing gets the job done, totally did not improve the wear of the tire, that Is to tire after years of use or limit, the change Will have to change. So Why spend money on a useless thing? But also delay time.

The second maintenance Is not necessary to do a clean Car air conditioning. Many Car owners opened a year or so after the dIscovery, in-vehicle air-conditioning cooling effect Is reduced a lot, and every time there Is air conditioning obvious pungent odor, then to the 4S shop advice, no sale under the clever tongue several rounds to be fooled made the value “199” on-board air conditioning comprehensive clean-up nursing course, but also the so-called clean-up nursing Is simply sprayed into the air filter in cleaning agents, the outer loop and inner loop opening ten minutes each End live.

As the Automotive after-market more transparent, in fact, do not need to pay big bucks to take the trouble to clean up thIs 4S shop to help, dIscovering the Car air-conditioning cooling effect of variation or smell, flowers direct from a few dollars to buy air cleaner spray bottle click on it, bottle can be used at least a dozen times, with the same effect 4S shops and save time and money.

The first three did not need to do maintenance Is cleaning the tubing. ThIs Is a veryRip maintenance projects, often in the Car wash tubing running projects only after 30,000 km needs to be done, but the 4S shops in order to generate income, but those who do Will flicker maintenance of the pipeline to do something to clean a price of 800 yuan! what? You do not, the Car Is not more open higher fuel consumption? And power Is not as it used to? Is not a recent shake the Car engine problems also emerged? A chain of problems down, the owner Is fool’s leng leng, “do, I do still does not work.”

increasingly high fuel consumption, power fall Is a Car for a long time Will encounter problems, but it Is simply not the pipeline blockage caused by tubing can there be so easy to plug ah. Most of the time, increasing fuel consumption, engine power Is reduced or shake badly, because the accumulation of engine deposits caused little relationship with the oil, and do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, I bought a few bottles of fuel into the tank treasure one plus, run a few kilometers Will be able to remove almost Carbon, dozens of money can solve the problem, Why spend hundreds of dollars to go for a ride it?