Most do not deserve the three car maintenance! Older drivers: you are not too poor, but too much damage car

a lot of new drivers after buying the Car, may be too excited, too fond of the Car reasons, always give the Car do all sorts of maintenance, whether expensive or cheap, useful or Will the useless, do not wait to do it again maintenance, but in fact there are three maintenance Is absolutely no need to do on the Car, it does not matter with the money, the key Is to give your Car maintenance done after three It may not bring conservation, but damaged.

The first Is waxing, a lot of new drivers to make their Cars more beautiful, like go to the beauty shop to buy a Car after waxing you occasionally playing second wax no problem, it really can make our Cars more bright and more beautiful, something all right but you can not go waxing, waxing if too many Will cause damage to the paint, because there Chela alkaline substances, it Will speed up your body dIscoloration and fading, especially the white Car, it Is easy because you are too positive waxing accelerated aging, yellowing of speed.

The second Is the Car tires, if you are a bicycle or electric Car, you can charge more adequate number of gas, so it Will be easier to ride, but if you are a Car you can not do that, because the Car tires inflated too full, it Will make the tire pressure Is too high, the tire pressure when the tire Is too high owners may slip occur, unstable driving situations occur, it would be the personal safety caused great impact.

Finally, the oil Is cleaned up, the oil cleanup and maintenance can be done, but you can not always do, can not do it frequently, because you occasionally do a if indeed you can clean Carbon deposits inside the Car, but if you frequently do thIs Is not a maintenance vehicle, but destroyed the Car, though the Car Will inevitably be the production of coke, we also need to clean up Carbon deposits, but you know, cleaning there are a large number of agents in the chemical composition, too frequent cleaning oil catalytic converters Will cause great damage, so you can clean up the oil, but not frequently.

The question then comes, the Car needs to be cleaned of organic Carbon Is true that he occasionally clean up a thIs, it did not take long Carbon and affects their fuel consumption power and how to do, do not ignore it?

thIs time we can use PolarIs to clean fuel, fuel treasure inside and no chemical composition, the use of fuel treasure do not worry about damage to the catalytic converters, the most critical Is eight bottles of fuel treasure but also dozens of dollars, and you once the 4S shop to clean the oil, probably take three to five hundred many purposes to the 4S shop cleaning oil Is also nothing more than to coke, and fuel treasure not only can help us clean up Carbon deposits, the most critical Is like a Car the jitter, as well as decreased power consumption and so increase fuel treasure can help us improve together, and Will not damage the catalytic converters.