MIstakes vehicle maintenance, vehicle owners must be careful!

every owner wants their Cars can be durable in order to reduce the maintenance cost of the Car. Keep the Car clean Is every owner’s wIshes, but excessive maintenance Is actually another major damage to the Car!

a Car wash too thoroughly, then Will reduce the life of air conditioning

summer temperatures rIse, increased dust, the body easily become dirty, the owner of the Car wash frequency began to rIse. Many owners want to be able to wash the bath that followed.

It Is to note here: Be sure to keep the Car air conditioner looks dry. If the Car air conditioner accidentally wet, it Will affect the life of Automobile air-conditioning.

Second, the circle type waxing poor

Many people are customary in waxing as complete circle style, which Is not true.

Note: waxing Is to be performed in a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, then the flow of rain water according to the last line, in order to achieve the effect of reducing the paint surface concentric rings.

Third, do not add too much oil

When lack of engine oil sump, and a shaft bearing friction between the neck due to a small amount of engine oil caused by poor lubrication, thus exacerbating wear.

Note: If the oil Is too much, when the engine crankshaft and the big end of the handle vigorous agitation Will not only increase power loss inside the engine, the cylinder walls also increase the oil splashed amount, causing oil combustion and emIssions problems. Therefore, it Is preferable to control the engine oil sump between underlines the dipstick.

Fourth, the screws too tight resulting in deformation of the

There are many fastening bolts and nuts connecting the Car thIs Is to ensure that there Is adequate preload.

Note: the bolt can not be screwed too tightly. If the screws are tightened too tightly, on the one hand be connected to an external force memberThe permanent deformation. On the other hand, it makes permanent tensile deformation of the bolt, it Will reduce the preload, slider, or even cause breakage.

Fifth, the fan belt too tight

high summer temperatures. Some drivers believe that increased fan belt tightness can improve the cooling effect of the engine. Therefore, they continue to increase the tightness of the fan belt, fan belt too tight.

Note: ThIs Is wrong. Fan belt should be kept close. If the belt Is too tight, the bearing load Is too large, it Will increase wear and tear, power consumption Will increase. Meanwhile, the shaft Will bend, deform the belt stretches, the service life Will be greatly reduced.