MIstakes on the maintenance of 11 vehicles, which you made a few?

Car wash like a bath – victims of air conditioning

summer temperatures, dust increase, the body Is easy to dirty, the frequency of Car wash owners have begun to rIse, many owners at the Car wash when also I want to give yourself a bath as confused as thoroughly. But to note here Is that we must keep dry appearance of the Automobile air-conditioning, air conditioning if the Car accidentally gets wet, it Will affect the life of Automotive air conditioning.

circle embodiment waxing – poor

Many people have a waxing body circles habitually Carried out the way, thIs Is not the right approach. Waxing correct manner in a straight line manner, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, then the direction of the flow of rainwater last one, so as to achieve an effect to reduce the paint surface concentric halo.

Too much oil – troublesome

When lack of engine oil sump, with the journal bearing friction, etc. less oil because of poor lubrication, increased wear degree, and even lead to burning ZWZ accident. However, if too much oil, the engine crank handle at work, connecting rod big end Will produce severe agitation, not only increases the internal loss of engine power, but also the oil spill on the cylinder wall, resulting fault burning oil. Thus, the engine oil sump should be controlled on the dipstick, between the score lines as well.

Over tightening – permanent deformation

on the Automobile with bolts, a lot of the coupling nut fastener, It should ensure that they have adequate preload, but not over tighten. If overtightened, on the one hand it would make connection permanent deformation under external force; on the other hand Will cause permanent deformation tensile bolt preload the worse, causing the slider or break phenomenon.

fan belt too tight – bearing load large

summer temperatures are too high, some drivers believe that increasing the fan belt tightness, you can improve engine cooling effect, so he kept improving the fan belt tightness, causing the fan belt too tight, not knowing that thIs approach Is wrong. Fan beltShould remain elastic appropriate, because too tight Will make the bearing load Is too large, increased wear and tear, power consumption increases, but also make water pump shaft bending, stretching deformation belt, shortened life expectancy.

tire imports – not necessarily apply

Some people buy tires particularly fond of emphasIs on “imported.” Foreign push the new tire on the domestic users, one of the most fatal flaw Is not applicable. European flat road surface and the California Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road traffic Is quite different, for the European road tires in California can hardly be a good performance, especially in terms of impact-resIstant sidewall obviously some lack of acclimatization, just like wearing Italian brand name shoes walking gravel road in general, the tire side from the package inevitable. Some foreign brands in the domestic tire production joint venture, are based on road conditions in the domestic side of the tire cord fabric layer increases, thereby greatly enhancing the impact resIstance of the sidewall of the tire production joint venture from a performance perspective fully able to replace imported goods .

The new battery Is not charged – shorten the life

The first charge of the battery Is referred to as a first charge, the initial charge of the battery life has very big impact. If charged, i.e., by “water” used directly, the battery capacity Is not high, life Will be shorter; if direct charging, Will be shortened life expectancy. Typically the battery Is charged after initial complete filling electrolyte with a small charging current of about 1 hour to about installation.

plus random vehicle equipment – affect driving safety

owners of private Cars are moving home, the pursuit ride with the comfort and luxury beyond reproach, but some Car owners to install their own hands in a variety of devices, such modification, if not handled properly, performance of the Car and manipulation often adversely affected, easy sequelae or affect traffic safety.

cooling water temperature Is too low – engine wear

hot summer weather, some drivers in order to prevent the engine temperature Is too high, insIsting cooling water temperature as low as possible, and some drivers in order to achieve the purpose of cooling, we simply remove the thermostat, these practices are wrong.

both sensitive to heat and cold Car engine, if the cooling water temperature Is too low Will lead to the deterioration of fuel combustion, increased fuel consumption, increased wear, increased oil vIscosity, engine power Is reduced. Tests showed that the cooling water temperature Is 40-50 degrees Celsius Cars, engine wear by 60% -80%, 25% power reduction, fuel consumption increased by 8% -10%. Accordingly, the temperature of engine cooling water Is not as low as possible, generally be controlled at between 80-90 degrees Celsius.

tank “boil” quick add water – cylinder cracking

hot summer weather, some drivers saw water tank The “boil” phenomenon, worried that the engine temperature rIses again, turn off immediately with water. ThIs approach Is wrong, it Is likely to cause cylinder head cracking phenomenon because of the sudden emergence of the cold.

met tank “boil”, the general approach Is correct: stop immediately and allow the engine to idle idle continue to keep the heat; open the hood at the same time, improve the cooling rate. After cooling water temperature Is lowered, then the engine stall. At thIs point if an insufficient number of cooling water should be added slowly to avoid sudden cylinder Gein and cracking in the cold.

do not have long-term or short-dIstance Car vehicles – mechanical damage

Although some people become Car owners, but usually ” not Willing “to drive, drove out to play only when a holiday, in fact, the way the Car Is very hurt Car. Drive engine and gearbox and other parts surface due to often in direct contact with air and rust, because the battery Will naturally affect the life of the long-term dIscharge. The best way Is to run a Car every few days, ran a thirty or forty minutes. In addition, short-dIstance Car Will always hurt the Car, the Car was moving at any time but are open not far, it Is an important cause of injury vehicles.

Car parts in the engine start to the stabilization phase between the most serious wear and tear, to launch a Car battery power consumption Is also about to travel 20 minutes to make up such a Car habit Is easy to make the Car go wrong earlier.