MIstakes on car maintenance, common are these, come see if you have the moves

about the Car Is sure to take good Care of, if you buy the Car back, it did not perform well maintained, believe me, in a few years he Will be ready to retire, but also very danger, thIs Is an extremely irresponsible act on their own, many owners also particularly like to be retrofitted after get the Car, does not comply with these modifications, there are some owners saw a lot of the so-called chicken soup, with no good maintenance philosophy.

which acts to talk about with you today looks attaches great importance to the maintenance behavior of the Car, in fact, Is a means of destroying the Car.

First, converted many people feel after buying back their own Car does not meet their aesthetic or performance, reach their own requirements, so the Car Will be modified and some Will look a little more color, and some direct efforts of the Big Three in terms of, you know a Car that he Is a very high integrity of the product, if it Will not modify the integrity destroyed, so that he lost hIs balance, plus a tail do not think Is a very normal thing, if you break the balance of the Car Is particularly prone to failure, unstable phenomenon.

The second Is waxing, thIs Is not a can not do, but if you frequent on the bad, although you rate it wax can maintain the integrity of seven years, but if often waxing, it would let the inside of alkaline substances, poIsoned our paint. In fact, we beat each quarterly wax on it, if hIs Car in long-term exposure to the state, often by wind and rain, then two months to play a wax can, if you think your Car Is very smooth body, then waxing Is also possible.

Third, Is not Willing to open, a lot of people because of their relatively expensive Car, so reluctant to open, it was also because of problems in oil and maintenance, reluctant to drive always feel that they drove, the more the more hurt the Car, post-maintenance costs higher, in fact, do so very bad, it Is easy to make our aging parts, he can not get the run, can not be good with, you can not release the maximum performance, it Is actually a manifestation of the damage of the Car.

Third, an excess of additives, many people like in their gasoline additives which add a little, thinking that it would be able to make gasoline burn more completely, and not prone to some unexpected phenomenon, but the addition of the additive Is limited, we can not be free to join, if the amount of the burden of too many words but let the engine Is relatively heavy, that time Will produce more soot, and the engine wear Will be more severe, we must follow the requirements in the use of additives, according to scale, and do not add too much.