Medium and small maintenance of the car, what are doing

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little protection;

an oil change, oil filter.

Second, check and clean the air filter, air conditioner filter. (Pat cleaning when the first shot of large particles, and then blow air blowing, do not remember too much pressure)

Third, check the antifreeze fluid level, brake fluid position, the oil power level (not including the electronic power)

Fourth, check tire pressure.

mediator; about twenty thousand km

an oil change, oil filter. (ThIs time Will recommend that you clean the machine, personally do not recommend cleaning. Cleaning the oil itself with features like the oil Is selected, do not spend that money wasted.)

two , combustion replace the air filter, air-conditioning filter, (ten thousand individuals recommended changes hIs or five thousand a clean, replace the air filter can have an effective filter impurities in the air, so the air cleaner and more fully-blended gasoline to reduce air cylinder, a pIston wear rings, and power lifting).

Third, the fuel filter, (gasoline can effectively filter impurities, so that the combustion of gasoline cleaner, reducing the production of coke).

Fourth, check, transmIssion oil, color, liquid level. (If it Is proposed to replace the manual transmIssion, Automatic take a look at the color, the liquid level in the decIsion).

Fifth, antifreeze, liquid level, color. Northern Also check the freezing point, (thIs time 4s shop Will be proposed to replace, do not need to think, no problem with the original Car more than a few years, promIsing level on the line).

VI, brake oil, the moIsture content of the line under test.

VII power level look oil.

eight, the measured battery voltage, capacity (generally no problem)

IX checkTire pressure, tread wear, brake pad wear (and these are personal driving habits)

Dabao, forty thousand kilometers or three years. (The first to the operator)

First, the mediator including all items.

Second, the Automatic gearbox Is recommended to replace (recommended replacement washing machine, gravity only for A replacement of 40% of the oil inside the coupling get out.) While the transmIssion replace the filter inside out. Manual transmIssion gearbox forty thousand kilometers must be replaced.

Third, the spark plug, thIs can be removed to check! If you need to replace it replaced.

Fourth, clean the throttle, fuel injectors, catalytic. (ThIs can not be cleaned of forty thousand or sixty thousand must wash)

complementary part, these may not be the medium and small Pauli. Timing hope you know

timing chain, 100,000 km check once, usually for life are not bad

belt, 6 ten thousand kilometers replace one, if you find hardens, cracks appear replace the advance, if no significant changes 60,000 km extended use.

clutch plates, about 120,000 to replace, thIs Is not absolute, and personal driving habits are. Usually transducer connected with the clutch plate and pressure plate together for a release bearing. (There are also Automatic clutch plates)

drive belts and engine belt, it Is recommended after 60,000 km, periodically check the tightness, with or without cleft harden.

refrigerant, commonly known as Freon, now called refrigerant, not the original Car to replace the cold, remember not to add, must be evacuated and refrigerants, the original swap after a year out of the general need for once, the original suggestion for how long how long!

paint maintenance, Car waxing brush regularly personally think it Is not recommended for polIshing, thinner sheet metal and further behind

evaporation tank cleaning, air conditioning and heater Is a small water tank, air conditioning in the Car smell it and it related to thIsOne was doing anything specified, want to wash wash, in addition to their impact on the Car uncomfortable nothing to do evaporation tank cleaning time, usually a lookout road washed, they use ozone dIsinfection.

Cage BOOT, oil change time for master look on the line.

+ various glial damping member. Maintenance time for the master to see on the line.

I can think of so many, there Is insufficient, please netizens pointed out, thank you!

Finally, we wIsh riders with safety, liking Shun Yi