Many car maintenance in several places everyone ignored

Many owners in the Car serviced, very much concerned about the appearance of the Car clean, and some even do not Care about the Car interior clean or not. In fact, Car maintenance Is more important Is the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle’s interior.

In doing so we often mIss those Car maintenance project it? Let New York Pengcheng professionals Biaoyuan we explain.

1, the sealing strip

In fact, these strips Is critical, it Is not only decorative, but also functions as a closed the role of the cabin, if your Car has a sunroof leaking, or feel the recent poor sound insulation Is necessary to check the sealing tape, sealing tape Is likely to be caused by aging or cracking.

So we have to use a dedicated periodic cleaning agent sealing tape, tape for window around us to focus on maintenance, if it Is found necessary to cracking or aging change in time, to avoid leakage rainy Car.

2, dashboard maintenance

inside the

Car Is a very important part of every driver Will directly face of the instrument panel, it Will directly affect the cleanliness of the occupant of the overall effect of the Car interior environment vIsual experience. For many people, clean dashboard Is simply a nightmare, if you’re still just a Virgo, it Is simply the collapse of rhythm. Irregular corners swollen rub? Rag simply out of reach!-Yourself design tool bar.

Take for example the plus screwdriver Touguo damp cloth, a very fine slit can be wrapped with a toothpick or a needle wet wipe clean. Doing so both can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid damage to the dashboard hard objects.

3, Carpet maintenance

The easiest Car interior dirty Carpet, if the vacuum cleaner brIstle vacuumed process, it can make more dirty Carpet does not look so dirty. For some more dirty Carpet, you can only use a special detergent. Finally, with a clean rag and wipe off the excess detergent on it, so we can both clean the Carpets washed any connection with the same soft before. It should be noted Is that the Carpet Is completely not into the water for brushing, on the one hand Will destroy the interior Carpet adhesive layers of different materials, on the other hand WillThe Carpet for a long time does not dry and affect the results, causing the Car wet.

4, brakes maintenance

not just for brakes, keeping in mind the condition of the brakes, the brakes need to check the inspection brakes simultaneously, If a chamfer or significant cracks found on the brakes, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Like brakes with brake pads, are not clearly defined replacement cycle, life Is also a driver with driving habits and road conditions increase or decrease, about 100,000 kilometers. Under normal circumstances, the proposed change twice each time the brake pads, while the replacement of the brake dIscs.

5, wiper maintenance

Some would say my Wiper how scratch Is not clean, in fact, thIs Is not due to regular maintenance . When it did not rain a lot of owners do not pay attention, until the time of impact wiper effect, usually has very serious problems. Further, when the glass surface Is hard things, should be removed before opening the wiper. Since the main material of the wiper blade rubber, a long time Will be aged hardened owner rubber curing agent may be used, spray month that may extend the life of the rubber strip. If the rubber strip aging occurs, it should be replaced.