Maintenance of your car ready yet?

Sometimes we Will because a number of factors such as travel or travel abroad, their Car parked for a long time can not relax, then what kind of serious damage to the vehicle caused by prolonged immobility would it? I believe many of my friends have encountered the vehicle after a period of inactivity, and then the Car vehicle some minor problems. Today editor for everyone reading about a few things should be noted that while the vehicle Is parked for a long time. Tire pressure, oil, antifreeze, batteries, of course, you put words like open-air humid environment Will certainly have to pay attention to a Car paint sets of clothes! Some netizens said the Jetta when I put two months to put the bad, dead battery, flat tire! Opened a water tank burst pipe two days! The Car Is basically put bad!

According to related statIstics, there are up to 75% of the Car engine wear occurs in the hot Car and the Car starts stage. Especially in the cold northern winter. Automotive engine and transmIssion systems 90% of the initial stages of wear occurs at the ignition. At thIs time, water temperature and oil temperature Is low, the state of each part in a close dry grinding, if the engine speed Is too high, rapid acceleration of wear between the mechanical. Therefore, we must prohibit cold neutral step on the gas. Although the Car engine has no need situ hot Car, but within 13 minutes the cold start, or at low speed and let the engine warm up slowly.

It should be noted that the vehicle Is parked for a long time to protect the finIsh of good body surface. Because the leaves, dust, broken branches and so Will damage paintwork and even rust. Who does not like to watch their Car dirty, before long-term parking, the first body to do a thorough cleaning, for the Car to take a bath, body waxing to be a beauty, which helps prevent the body being corrosion and oxidation. Vehicle parking place Is also very particular, if the vehicle Is idle for two or three months or even longer, try to park your Car in the garage because the garage can not only make your Car from wind, sun, rain infringement , but also to avoid the fallen leaves, broken branches and other foreign matter damage paint. If you can not stop in the garage, you can try to find a dry and cool place to park, it Is best not to park under a tree or downstairs. Because the encountered heavy rain weather, branches, leaves or upstairs falling objects, etc. Will fall on the Car body damage. Therefore, consider using outdoor long-stay parking Cars, clothing, cover up the vehicle, reducing dust and other things that damage your Car. EntriesThe purpose of “profound” too staggering. The project Is little material costs, labor costs only some. But the culture than the mechanics of the Car wash workers, sheet spray technicians too easy – and aiming two Will do, you believe do not believe! ? Auto Beauty sophIsticated space Is also very limited. Even so advanced Car wash workers should be treated worse than machine repair, sheet spray technicians lot. So, Car wash profiteering ah! Moreover, there plating crystal, wax, sperm washing upgrade program and the like. Increase in material costs very little, almost no increase in labor costs, which more than doubled the price several times.

as was the case some users encountered at the beginning of the article Is a vehicle used for a long time, resulting in battery Is dead, I believe many users have encountered thIs situation. The battery Is Automatically charged during normal driving, when the vehicle Is idle battery Will have consumed, but each vehicle model battery, use of time and types vary, the situation Is consumed are different, so be according to their own battery of check-ups. When the vehicle Is idle for long period, such as six months or more, you can periodically check the tire pressure of the tire, when the tire pressure Is insufficient time for tire inflation. Also note that the aging of the tire, when the tire cracks and bulging, indicating that the tires need to be replaced. And Automatic neutral coasting speed driving due to different engine speed, transmIssion lines prone to insufficient hydraulic oil, Will increase friction and damage the inside of the Automatic transmIssion friction plate, eventually leading to failure of the transmIssion. So do not neutral slide easily on!

general Car parked week should start at the Car or run 30 — 40 minutes 10 – 20 km. OtherwIse, a long time, the cylinder inner rust and other transmIssion components. Depending on the specific geographic and climatic conditions. South more rain, the Car Is easy to rust. Parking Is generally best not to cover tarpaulin. A tarpaulin cover, even if the Car Is less rain, hot and humid climate also accelerate corrosion of the Car. The rest do not know. Frozen north, standing outside the Car battery Is easy to feed. From November to February, the general parking – 5 days, the battery Will be difficult to start up. Parking time from January to February, the tires deflated naturally occur. Therefore, we should pay attention to Car maintenance!