Maintenance of vehicle maintenance in the end Is what

after a lot of people buy a Car often put it down for fear of their Car problems, and therefore take a lot of mIsunderstanding, here’s a simple little star with everyone science points

the first Is waxing problem

just do not need to buy a new Car body waxing in the five months since the new Car body paint a layer of protective wax, if in thIs time period for the Car wax Will destroy thIs layer of protective wax. So, to keep in mind the novice white within five months did not need to go for the Car waxing.

If your Car Is not a new Car, and your Car are basically outside exposure every day, then be 2-3 months to play a wax. In fact, your Car Is generally not often sun and rain, then wax twice a year to play on it.

Car maintenance Is designated period of Automotive parts inspection, cleaning, supplies, lubrication, adjustment or replace certain parts of the preventive work, also known as Car maintenance.

Car maintenance mainly includes the maintenance of the engine system (engine), transmIssion systems, air conditioning systems, brake systems, fuel systems, power steering systems, etc. .

purpose Car maintenance Is to keep the Car clean and tidy, normal technical condition, eliminate hidden dangers and prevent malfunction, slow down the degradation process, extend the life cycle.

With the development of the times, more and more people chose the new energy vehicles. At present, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, including electric vehicles and hybrid (hybrid) Cars.

and traditional fuel vehicles, the new energy vehicles also require regular maintenance, but they have no engine, no engine system maintenance, but requires battery system inspection and maintenance, other maintenance and similar fuel vehicles.