Maintenance of the master Reminder: these do not do car maintenance project, a waste of time but also wasting money!

When we buy a Car in it, generally they are 4s shop Will come. They are also the only 4s shop in the sale of some Cars, but also to a lot of maintenance and aftermarket Automobile can bring more profits to them. However, at thIs time they, like the 4s shop, they Will think a lot deceptive maintenance projects. These are all in some maintenance alone, without certain services. And they, 4s shop employees Will often let you do these maintenance. Some of the many Car owners, they are especially want their Car capable of neat, so all these things are also put to 4s shops to do. But we are not quite sure there are some places need no maintenance, not only money, but also all of the Car had some damage. Maintenance of the master Reminder: these do not do Car maintenance project, a waste of time but also wasting money!

The first Is a glass of water and antifreeze to prevent the first project, in fact, as if such a thing does, and refueling are very common , are also not need to 4s shop for production. The only thing Is that when you want to add these things, do not add wrong. Antifreeze glass of water and their water inlet that Is completely different, have to make clear, add these two things when it, are also a few minutes to do a good job, but you do not have these two water inlet dIstinguIsh words often drive to find some friends. Than to go to 4s shops to dig the money, let them add these things to us.

The second, that Is cleaning the engine nacelle. When the Car Is dirty after it, some of the many Car wash places Will only be given to cleaning the outside as well as inside the Car, regardless of their own or Car wash workers, they are particularly reluctant to clean the engine. And when it came to 4s shops, their employees Will put the engine nacelle Will see a lot of some of the dust after the open, but at thIs time they Will be warned we want these things to clean up. Here I want to remind everyone that the engine if not particularly dirty words, do not wash, and do not wash themselves inside the home, because there are some places do not waterproof, then, once the water damage on the Car pretty big.

The third wheel Is the maintenance of the boiler are also very important for the whole Car, after all, are all body pressure on the wheel. Wheels are also conducted every day in contact with the road, plus some wind and sun, there are a number of 4s shop, they see your wheels have some wear and they Will advIse you to do maintenance to the wheels, in fact, it Is also of use are not certain, because the wheels before cleaning or waxing, it looked very pretty, but we all know that the wheel does not let us look at, give you a simple example, like when we shoeshine, it’s polIshed surfaces are particularly clean, but you Will also polIshed shoes at the bottom of it especially bright right?

The fourth Is the wiper blades, do thIs thing, it Is not in the number of warranty, we are also We can change some of the better. Many are now some of the wiper, it Will also be better than the quality of some of the original, and some of the many new Cars, but their prices are completely different. For example, a little expensive Car Mercedes-Benz Will two or three hundred dollars, and the tape Will be about 800 dollars in. Plus some other expenses, for a wiper Is also a need for more than 1,000 dollars. But some of the stores to be replaced, then, are also needed three or four hundred dollars, so the master reminder: these do not do Car maintenance project, a waste of time but also wasting money!