Maintenance of car it would be 5 ways! How much do you know?

5 Ways Car they would be the maintenance of

Many people say “buying a Car easy to keep a Car difficult”, he said that did not wrong, buy a home after Car maintenance Is particularly important indeed, but sometimes if the excessive maintenance, so may be counterproductive in terms of the Car. 5 ways Car they would be maintenance, can reduce by half the annual Car maintenance money. Regular vehicle maintenance, keep the Car fresh and clean. The owners concerned, gasoline Is not enough, the usual basic maintenance and inspection of the Car Is very important, even if the work Is particularly easy, but thIs has endless benefits of their Car.

keep the Car capacity Car appearance Is fresh and clean

Sun Yong stressed that enterprIses should increase greater efforts to maintain environmental protection measures, to be stamped ceiling 4s shop conduct a detailed examination to avoid the smell of gas run the rIsk, to ensure the implementation of measures to stabilize the process. And immediately replaced tightening of taxi Car capacity Car appearance were examined, focus on examination of exterior body paint Is not a condition to fall off, there Is no unauthorized posting advertIsing practices, the Car Is not working flag hanging specification, complete and effective, keep the Car Yung Car looks fresh and clean.

replaced with a new member

Replace the pump gear, pump, clutch plates, some important components Is intact, vehicle brake detecting the clutch Is normal, abnormal sound dIsappeared, oil pressure normal troubleshooting. Do Car maintenance, checking each oil tires. Tire friction with the ground sound, we should look at how to promote the proper use of Car tires, wind noIse from the door pass into the Car lot, in order to reduce vehicle noIse can be, the owner decided to give the Car to do the whole Car soundproof promotion. We can imagine because the Car started too fast, in a short time because of inertia wheel slide flew from one place to another place, caused by friction, damage to the wheels Is very large, so we should pay attention when driving starts, can not too much force.

It should be noted that the electionChoose the location of the center of the road

have their own Car, many people Will choose to travel by Car to work, not just convenient and fast, but inevitably encounter traffic jams and other complex road conditions, so we should follow the time to adjust the speed of traffic, then if you are driving on the road arch, it should pay attention to select the location of the center of the road, just as the tips of the protection wheels are raIsed here, left or the right, the wheels Will be damaged unilateral. It Will damage the tires, front and rear corners of the pad into the tire, which Is mainly to prevent the process of changing the tire excessive force, resulting in a substantial swinging around the vehicle, and even move the wheel caused the accident.

Although many people are still safe as the first

Summer Is travel a good time, Carrying hIs family to TourIsm Is a very good thing, but in the summer light Is too strong, the wheels temperature Will be higher, some riders Will reduce the tire pressure or directly sown bottle of water. The night before the trip should ensure good rest, reducing speed limits, keep focused, to observe the road conditions. The owners before taking a trip, check the tire pressure and temperature. The body has a tendency to feel, the Car driving on the highway, as well as high speed during braking and steering wheel shake the body Will happen, if you travel by Car journey.

immediately check the pressure and tire wear

Thereafter found on the road wheel swing, you should immediately check the air pressure and tire wear, then we must check the wheel nuts are not relaxed. Experts said that every summer due to high temperature caused by vehicle accidents often occur, the owner should be more prevention, to avoid a blowout summer high temperature, surface temperature Is often above 70 ℃, Carefully check the tires before traveling along the inner and the outer edge of the tire Is not badly worn, the tire surface Is not damaged, and tire pressure status, when the temperature Is too low. It Is preferably 15 minutes before the start of the low speed until the tire to the optimal rate after thawing.