Maintenance knowledge to take preventive measures, car tires

Car tires are the only parts in contact with the ground, like a Car’s foot, for normal driving and traffic safety Car have great significance. But in the course of daily Car, many owners Will ignore the maintenance of tires, tires are always subconsciously feel durable goods, as the saying goes a thousand miles begins with one step, as the hand, foot and Car tires, proper tire maintenance and tire use owners Is to ensure the safety of passengers and saving Car costs an important part, then how do we pay attention to tire maintenance and the state? Preventive measures, maintenance knowledge of Automobile tires.

First: Check the tire pressure must be monthly, tire under-voltage and over-voltage Will cause tire wear Is not normal, shorten tire life, increase fuel consumption even increase the chances of a puncture. Tire experts recommend we check once a month to ensure proper tire pressure, tire pressure check the tire pressure must be Carried out under the tire Is cooled state, or you can use a tire pressure gauge tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) Check the tire pressure Will be on the vehicle specification standard tire pressure set out under various load state of the vehicle.

Second: inspection and tire tread wear, always check the wear of the tire tread, if uneven wear phenomena, while checking the found treads , sidewalls for cracks, nicks, drum kits and other phenomena, and to timely find out the reasons given to exclude, and to observe the tire wear limit signs, the signs are in the pattern on the tread, if close to the tire wear limit should be replaced tires regularly transposition, vehicles in the process, because the vehicle Carries a different weight, different road conditions, vehicle wear and tear caused by inconsIstencies four tires, so the vehicle Is traveling more than ten thousand kilometers when the tire to timely transposition.

Third: if the tire tread grooves in the “wear indicating” indicate groove depth of only less than 1.6 mm, it Is recommended to replace the tire. Tire wear indication, that the groove in the projection, when the tread wears to 1.6 mm, a tread Is flush with it, you Will not be wrong, if the remaining groove depth of less than 1.6 mm tires rain appeared traction and braking suddenly lost, and the possibility of snow traction nothing. In snowy areas, thIs tire wearIt should be replaced before the limit.

Fourth: control speed, in the cold winter, if it Is restarted after the stop, due to the relatively stiff tire, after which you must start with a lower speed running for some time, according to ordinary speeds. Of course, winter safe driving most important to control the speed. Especially in highway driving, pay attention to control the speed, not hard acceleration, braking, so as to ensure security, order in the cold season, effectively protect the Car and tires, thus avoiding accidents.

If a flat tire so you have to do in accordance with the following method! 1, light up the throttle grip of the steering wheel. Jicha Do not, do not rush to fight direction, snub, if necessary, 2, the direction of play lights slowly away from the main road, if you can, as much as possible against the Vice-lane Car parked condition, 3, and press the warning lights off, in 200 meters at the rear of the vehicle warning triangle plate or put any signs warning Cars behind to be vigilant, 4, who retreated to the fence outside the call roadside assIstance.