Look mileage car maintenance or at the time? Once wrong, no end of trouble!

Xiao Bian again, in recent days have encountered a small series of problems, always received a phone 4S shop, I’m going to remind maintenance, but small series only ran for more than 3,000 since the last maintenance km, and there Is no alarm, thIs ……..

Although Xiao Bian also older drivers friends, but could not help urging people called 4S shop, said that if not maintenance time, Will ………

that thIs week, we are concerned that Car maintenance cycle thIs topic.

talk about thIs topic before, we need to figure out the concept of vehicle maintenance, in general, vehicle maintenance has major maintenance and small maintenance points.

that we really do not want to lIsten to 4S store it? In both cases, the warranty period and non-warranty period.

1. If you are In the new Car warranty period , that you want to assign the most conservative maintenance time according to the manufacturer. Is based on the 4S shop sales staff time to call you back and forth node, specified by the manufacturer because most, if not maintained in accordance with the maintenance manual, Will not enjoy the warranty. Therefore, the shelf life, must be maintained in accordance with various accessories and maintenance intervals given by the manufacturer, to 4S.

2. a warranty , it can be according to its own set of vehicle. After all, we should spend money out of warranty, manufacturers Will no longer help you what free things changed.

First, open look mileage

Some Car owners more than the number of miles, most of the owners in addition to the daily to work, there Will be long-dIstance travel, thIs Is the case, you can go to maintenance in accordance with the mileage of 5000 kilometers, ten thousand kilometers, 15,000 kilometers, twenty thousand kilometers and the like.

Second, apart from lessAt the time

Some owners may not move one week once, twice Car, even to go to work in the field, we can not once a month, a year running the 1000 2000 km so that it can be maintained in accordance with the travel time.

can be maintained once According to for three months or six months. If you’re really running mileage few, it follows six months. Some friends ask, I can not open a month back, but also for three months or six months? Please note that there are a variety of oil Is the time period!

Third, not 4S shop maintenance vehicles Will have any effect on you?

First, Is increasing the rate Will be reduced . If you have a change plans within three years, it Is recommended you in the 4S shop maintenance, because usually required to provide a complete 4S shop maintenance records at the time of the second sale, and in any other third party maintenance records Will not be basic It approved, which Will reduce your Car’s residual value to some extent.

Second, Is relatively difficult rights . Vehicles appear strange if a third-party maintenance on the outside, rights negotiation that seems to be a very difficult thing.

third, can not guarantee that original parts . In third-party maintenance, there Will be very few original parts, if replacement of the original non-certified products, production may have some problems. So, look at the actual situation of individuals, but small advice, 3 – within a period of five years, the best in the 4S shop for maintenance , I might have more conservative, as then again, can choose a.

Fourth, whether there has been an extended warranty time?

vehicle maintenance, time and mileage Is a reference relative, not absolute. If you have a good driving habits, and most of the time Is longDriving, the vehicle itself, “Feedback” Is also very complete, does not appear to increase engine noIse, etc., it Is possible to extend the maintenance time!

If the driving habits relatively intense, foot throttle bottomed out, plus travel time in congested urban traffic, it Is strictly in accordance with the above suggestions maintenance.

eggs go wave (attach several major Auto parts maintenance cycle)

of the tire, battery, brake pads

1, tire maintenance

valid generally five years , more practical usage, but be safe, no matter how small wear, not within the validity period, when miles to reach 5-8 ten thousand kilometers , should be replaced. Of course, if before that, the tire sidewall cracks occurred or bulge, should be replaced.

Another point, the tire would want to change one pair of transducer , about the same time ! The

2, Battery

Normally, the original factory battery life Is 3 years or 60,000 kilometers , but if well maintained, usually pay attention to driving habits, such as less lIstening to the radio or air conditioning in place idle, do not frequently turn off the ignition, thIs Will increase battery life.

3, Brake Pad


Normally, 30,000 km replace what Is best, but the personal feeling a little faster, it Is recommended to replace about 50,000. But before replacing it Is recommended to check the brake pads Bohou, if less than6 mm, it must be replaced as soon as possible. Note that thIs Is normal wear and tear, if you often intense driving, slammed on the brakes, and that security, we recommend frequently to check!

written in the last

If your habits Yes – when maintenance has to go back when maintenance, when bad parts in exchange, please ignore it, but I think most small partners still want their Car to open a few years later Is still the same as a new Car, not ?

per Car, per brand, for maintenance time and mileage Is not the same, Is most clearly defined their Car’s maintenance manual, I do not think most small partner Carefully read it, it Is recommended to look at, there are detailed time and mileage, own Car, be sure to do your own gains!