Little knowledge of tire maintenance?

Car driving technology Is a comprehensive knowledge, to your Car Is getting better, when driving your Car you need to pay attention to many things, especially the Car’s tires I would particularly like to say today what, when driving a Car tire safety and security, we must pay attention.

First, the Car’s tires Is very important, suggest that you have to check every day again, after driving Is completed, we have to check the tires, ready to drive a Car when have to check the tires, particular attention there Is no tire on top of small stones or other things.

Second, we recommend every three months or so, when you want to check the air pressure of Car tires, that Is, we are familiar with tire pressure monitoring, thIs Is for your driving safety the key, not because they find it troublesome regardless, we must have good habits.

Third, your Car tires also need to concern yourself a lot of time driving, suggest that you should pay attention when driving the road ahead, try to avoid those rocks or It Is where other sharp objects, to avoid being scratched your Car tires.

Fourth, we should pay attention to tire usually timely clean-up, especially after it rains, the rain now because of pollution, so there are highly corrosive, it Is recommended that you better to wash hIs Car tire, at least to wipe it, so that it can protect the tires.

Fifth, Car tires to regular maintenance, if your Car parts fail, then they would be repaired as soon as possible, screws Car tires should always take a look, if we find there Is loose talk, to timely reinforcement, we must ensure the safety of tire components.

Sixth, we drove a long time after, generally give their Car to do some regular maintenance work, such as a lot of people Will conduct wheel alignment maintenance or overhaul , suggest that you finIsh wheel alignment later, it must be balanced.

Seventh, the summer sun Is very strong, but also rain in winter when the weather Is cold, and snow. ThIs weather all year round great damage to the tires, suggest that you buy a Car hood, put their Car completely wrapped up, so beTo protect the Car.

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