Little knowledge of car maintenance, when not only save time, but also money!

do their own home Car maintenance, these cost-effective way, generally no one told you!

with the cost after we buy a Car slowly increased, rIsing oil prices, parking fees, all kinds of repairs and fines. Let the cost of the Car straight up! However, in life there are still many small coup, especially when dealing with a Car on Car costs, small coup not only save money, but also make everyone happy moment! So we do not often go to 4s shops or places to do maintenance Car maintenance, and Xiaobian learn some simple, easy maintenance methods yourself, you could save a lot of money! When we can not lower oil prices, we fuel-efficient. When the Car wash price soared to $ 25, we spent twenty-five of water to wash your own! Well, to tell you a few small series next general nobody tell your little method!

Car Care

The method of the first small Car washing machine! We all know that with the rIse in prices, things become more expensive, but also become more expensive Car wash! Our Car has often become dirty. Hand wash and Special strenuous! ThIs time it Is to force the washing machine, the Car wash and 4s shop Is almost the same, just plug 220v household electric can in the yard! Usually we wash the Car for 25 yuan! The washing machine Is not expensive, ten times as long as the Car wash enough money to buy a set up! Especially the cheaper price online! So, do it yourself, make your Car often shiny relaxed mood! Convenient index: 5 stars, save money index: 4 Stars!

Automotive pressure washers

The method of the second small! Clean called soft. ThIs Is a very useful little soft! We should and small series, in order to have the gray dashboard of all clean out, gotta rub several times, and then wash the towels to be trying to get to! So a lot of trouble, but after using thIs small series, I found that the world really Is full of wonders. Wash clean plastic, gray front desk can basically stick out, not a precious thing to spend money! Generally people do not give Car wash wipe, we can only deal with their own. So spend a few money to buy one, you can use again and again! 5 Stars convenient index money index 3 stars!

Car cleaning soft

The firstThree small way. Up painting, thIs should have heard a lot of people! But not always used! Xiao Bian Is a bad man, put the Car less than a month, at the side of the road where parking was rubbed four times! One of the most powerful headlights are a smash, but these places are unavoidable! Because we do not have a private garage. Finally, the small series chose to silently accept all of thIs, because there Is no monitoring. But the paint to make a 4s shop Will look like 300-500! So Xiao Bian collecting an artifact called up painting. For the simple little rub up on easily. If you mIss the end of the paint, you can also improvIse! So thIs small series artifact recommend it to everyone. 4 stars convenient index money index 5 stars!

Car up painting

if we have more of these three magical usage, or have other useful skills, comments welcome Guest Book! To share with you. For more small coup, concern me, daily updates!