Learn these few simple car care tips, car maintenance themselves more at ease!

as a consumer, Automotive also has a limited life. Proper maintenance can not only help owners reduce repair the trouble, but also to dIscover hidden dangers and prevent Car broke down on the road. Today, I give you some simple Car Care tips, so the owner can do it yourself, yourself maintenance Car with more confidence.

a regular oil changes

Oil Is the blood of the Car, it can ensure the Car run, so the oil must be changed regularly. When the oil change mileage in addition to pay attention to, we must also pay attention to oil change intervals. Today, it Is difficult to determine oil on the market Is not really. All owners at the time of purchase must be purchased through formal channels.

frequently washing

When it comes to washing, many people do not mind, in fact, the Car wash Is also the vehicle maintenance a very important point. Especially in the rain, acid rain Is likely to corrode the body, cause great damage to the paint, so to timely rain washing. In addition, Car wash not only make the Car clean and bright, but also to protect the Car paint.

do “four filter”

“four filter” refers to air filters, air conditioning filters, oil filters, fuel filters, they have their own maintenance cycle. In general, longer maintenance intervals fuel filter, air filter replacement cycle shorter. It Is necessary to look at the Car’s manual, check the “four filter” helps to better protect the Car, reduce vehicle rIsk.

do not have time to do “dress” work

people need to dress, Car as well. If your beloved Car Is not running for some time, there Is no protection, it Is exposed to sunlight and dust, the best Car Will become dilapidated, like being scrapped same. At thIs point, you need to prepare a good Car clothing to prevent dust, so your Car Will look very new when not in use.