Learn these car care tips for good car!

Today, whether a person Is rich or trustworthy by the Car and the house to be measured. A long time ago, it Is a house to be measured. However, with the development of the times, the house and the Car can be compared, but the price of some Cars are not lower than the house. Car now seems to constitute the vast majority of people’s lives, and still Is very important. Some tips on Car maintenance Is you know how much? These tips can be easily mastered by themselves, without having to pay someone to do Auto store, save some maintenance costs.

If my Car seat accidentally dirty, how can I do? Often outside the Car come and go. Sometimes, people walk around. Maybe they’ll bring something, then accidentally dirty Car. As long as not too dirty, you can clean themselves, some with better seat cushion. You can directly take the mat to clean them, but there Is no cushion you how to clean it?

when cleaning the Car seat, be Careful not to pour a bucket of water directly on the seat, but the seat with a wet towel. Most Cars are now leather chairs, so cleaning them Is also very convenient. Leather seats appear smoother, easier to clean dirt. When cleaning leather seats, soapy water Is preferably used. Because it Is not only decontamination capability, and do not damage the dermIs. After cleaning the seats, remember to wipe clean with a dry towel. And not to close the door and let it dry. However, if some vomit look dirty, it can be cleaned by thIs method. If you can not help but nausea, it Is best to take it to the Car wash to clean.

How do I remove small scratches the surface of the Car? Even if you drive very Carefully, your Car Will inevitably accidentally scratched. The face of small scratches, go to Auto repair shop Is not cost-effective. After all, thIs Is just a little bit, not only unreasonable but also not worth spending so much money. At thIs time, only a bottle of toothpaste can easily help Car owners Will be restored to its original state. Many people do not think the kind of toothpaste have a magical effect, but it really Is useful.

Is a toothpaste abrasives, dirt Is removed by rubbing the teeth. Car waxing also smoothed by rubbing around, rather than directly to scratches dIsappear. becauseThIs toothpaste has a certain ability to remove small scratches, but for a large area of ​​scratches, toothpaste Is not much. In thIs case, you only go to the Auto shop to pay for help. When removing scratches using toothpaste, it Is not enough merely gently wipe. Repeated friction required to remove scratches.

If there sticker on the window, only a few drops of wind spirits, can be wiped off with a damp towel adhesive labels directly, so that there OCD owners do not need to pay attention to residual traces of glue. Even if you can not find the wind spirits, you can also try using toothpaste. After

looked at the three Car maintenance tips, you think they simple? They can easily do, you do not need to find someone to help Auto shop. These are minor Issues. Spend money on maintenance always make people feel a little loss.