Large and small maintenance car maintenance, you did the right thing, may wIsh to read thIs article

as to the health of people, Cars need maintenance, long-term use of a wide range of Automotive maintenance problems do not lead to the consequences of the Car. When the vehicle Is started, you can clearly feel the engine abnormal sound, in addition, was traveling speed of over 80 km / h, when almost no matter how fast the throttle Will not mention. Serious engine Will be scrapped, it must be replaced in order to use the Car engine.

that vehicle maintenance Is divided into small maintenance and major maintenance, are we going to maintain the bigger, when to do a little maintenance? Do not worry, let us now for vehicle maintenance under that thing. After

into a small maintenance vehicle maintenance and major maintenance, small maintenance refers to Cars with some dIstance, and provIsions for the protection of vehicle performance in time or manufacturers from where do routine maintenance projects, including replacement of gasoline and oil filters, oil filters, also known as oil grid. It refers to major maintenance with respect to a small maintenance, in addition to replacement of oil than the required filter and replace the three spark plugs, three filter means Is an air filter, oil filter (typically oil change Will do)) and gasoline filter. Know little maintenance and major maintenance of content, we are concerned that how a small maintenance and major maintenance choose to do.

Small and maintenance: the role of oil and Category

For the engine oil to as important as blood to the heart. The oil contain various additives, can effectively protect the moving parts of the engine Is important to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Wherein the oil has six role – antifriction lubrication, clean dusting, shock absorption cushioning, rust corrosion, leak-proof seal, cooling down. General rule to replace oil, Automobile manufacturers Will Auto attendant comes with a maintenance manual Will specify the vehicle replacement cycle oil in the manual, most of them in the driving license 5000-10000 km mileage or time period of 6 months to 1 year, which first standards it should do oil changes.

then Is to choose the oil Is also very important, different models choose oil, oil Is generally divided into three types: mineral oil, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic oil.

Mineral oil: oil Is extracted directly from the out.

Applicable models: itself requires a lower emIssion vehicles, such as a few million micro, small Cars and economy Cars, because these Cars engine power Is not strong, dynamic damping effect of oil formed Is not strong sense of decline.

replacement cycle : Under normal circumstances, every 5,000 km or every six months to replace, at the same time meet the lubrication and protection role of the engine, but also the vehicle maintenance more economic sex.

semIsynthetic oils: mineral oil and synthetic oil mixture out by a certain percentage.

Applicable models: Is not generally applicable to the middle and low turbocharged engine models.

replacement cycle : Under normal circumstances, Is replaced every six months or every 7500 km.

Full synthetic oil: Is an artificial oil, various natural substances added to the chemical decomposition, and then various substances synthesized Finally, full synthetic oil output.

Applicable models : for turbo models, large dIsplacement Cars and vehicles are often in extreme weather driving license.

replacement cycle : Under normal circumstances, the synthetic oil may be replaced every year or every 10,000 km.

major maintenance: air filter and fuel filter

air filter: the engine during operation for a large amount of air sucked into the air Is not filtered, which accelerates wear dust of the pIston and the cylinder, Will result in severe site pull cylinder.The role of air filter Is to filter out the dust in the air, into the cylinders to ensure adequate, clean air. If the air filter changed regularly, the Car Will result in reduced amount of air conditioning and vehicle air pollution.

replacement cycle : with from about 1 to 20,000 km replacement.

Fuel Filter: role Is to provide a clean fuel filter to the engine fuel, gasoline was filtered off and the water magazine, so that the engine play maximum performance and provide the best protection for the engine. If you do not replace long-term, mild affect the combustion, seriously affecting oil supply, clogged fuel injectors, fuel pressure impact, the Car Will be difficult to start or speed up the weak.

replacement cycle : Normal 3-40000 km replaced once, such as when a large impurity content of the fuel, the travel dIstance should be reduced accordingly, particularly the optimal replacement time refer to the maintenance manual.

There Is a routine maintenance, daily maintenance slight effect Will not only cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle and jeopardize safety. The lubricating oil can cause lack of pull-cylinder bush-burning, a certain part of a vehicle malfunction cited traffic accidents; on the contrary, if the daily work done Carefully, not only make the new vehicle remains constant, while master the technical condition of the various parts of the vehicle, to avoid machinery and traffic accidents.

Is a routine maintenance before moving off, driving in closed Car, usually pay more attention to mind, the focus Is clean, supplies and security checks, thIs work Is also very necessary . General safety checks may be familiar to dealers or repair shop to clean, lubricate, mainly fastening, and inspection of the brake actuating member and other security. Check and adjust the main and dIsmantling tires, a tire rotation. Car also consumables, many parts have a certain life cycle, not be replaced easily lead to security rIsks.

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