Knowledge about vehicle maintenance, you should know

When it comes to the topic of the Car would have to say the Car Is a major precautions, and that Is maintenance. Of course, most of us are not professionals, it Is impossible to understand the maintenance of knowledge, especially that Car drivers are trying to do not know how much there Is, every 4s shop maintenance only when “trampled upon.” But it Is undeniable, 4s shop no matter what things give you change, to some extent, the Car Will be good, that really need to do, thIs money can not spend it?

First Is our often hear

“major maintenance”, in fact, major maintenance time and mileage maintenance of a certain time within a maintenance done. Its content and its replacement of oil filter, fuel filter and red filter and so on. Here are some major maintenance need to replace things. But there Is a little more important Is the connection at some of the structural components of a variety of vehicle inspection Car oil, there are no loose body, when all maintenance Hello everyone ignored these places.

In fact, every Car maintenance projects and maintenance time Is not necessarily the same, attentive owners Will find that all have detailed introduction on your vehicle manual, as long as you spend more time next to see, be maintained in accordance with the above know, your Car Will be always in good condition.

Finally point Is that no matter how you usually maintenance standards, the Car Will inevitably be minor problems in other areas, so usually develop a good habit of a Car Is very important, they have to regularly check local Car tire under the Car, place screws, etc., when driving or Care little, I felt the Car has no unusual places, if you find a problem they can not solve must be timely to find qualified service personnel inspection, maintenance, cut not the effect, the so-called Car Is no small matter, these events are related to vehicle safety, the most important but also about our personal safety.