It Is best not to do some car maintenance, 4S shop to do Is to give money, do not be “pit” up!

Is now more and more people buy a Car, and now with the growing economy, coupled with buying a Car Is not so difficult before, after all, Is the price of the Car down Well, so many families buy a Car, but to follow the Car maintenance costs can not be cheap. Some people say a year Automobile maintenance costs are comparable money to buy a Car, say thIs somewhat exaggerated, but the Car’s maintenance costs are really quite expensive, I believe thIs should not You Will protest it?

but some maintenance Is simply no need to do, but many owners went to the 4S shop 4S shops Will face a flicker, not the result of Careful how think put the money to come out, and so they know the last flicker of that was too late, in vain at a dIsadvantage. First talk about the first time and maintenance, the Car Is not the same, for the first time maintenance of mileage and time Is different, luxury brands generally are ten thousand kilometers maintenance time, while the average Is five thousand kilometers Is necessary to consider the maintenance.

regardless of the brand or ordinary luxury brand, when more than six months to be considered maintenance, after all, run-in period has passed, Is certainly going 4S check the store inspection. But when maintenance may need to be aware, there are several maintenance Is best not to do, or Is in the 4S shop to give money. Let me talk about catalytic converters it, thIs thing should not many people know what it Is, so 4S shops you may be fooled easily. In fact, thIs only took Care decoder circuit of the engine check again on the line, but many people have been fooled.

then let’s talk about it to clean up the oil, thIs Is a must do maintenance, but thIs Is not always needed to do maintenance. Just clean up the oil after 40,000 km run clean up once on the line, do not lIsten to each injection 4S shop recommended by the clerk to sleepwalk to dig the money, there Is no need to regularly clean the oil, which can fully use the performance and the Car not affected. If you did not take long for it, and again cleaned once, it Is not that too much to waste it?

The final step Is to sterilize the Car, we all know the Car a long time Will inevitably be odor, especially being in a time of the season, thIs timeIf we go to the 4S shop, it may have to be fooled, that Is what you do a very comprehensive indoor sterilization. But the 4S shop of sterilization equipment may not be able how professional, not as their own to buy things for sterilization and then do it yourself, than the 4S shop to pay good. So these Car maintenance Is best not to do it, but in the 4S shop to get you to send money dIspenser when it does not know you have not been fooled too 4S shop to do?