Inventory: 5 most common car maintenance, car maintenance to you yet?

Inventory: 5 most common Car maintenance, Car maintenance to you yet? After

1 routine maintenance

The so-called routine maintenance, Is motorIsts before moving, driving, the closed Car stop and use routine maintenance Carried out by the time the vehicle. For example: Before moving to check the various oils, liquid, wipers, lights, tires and the like; with each of the instruments and to pay attention to the reflected lights, and pay attention to any abnormal engine and chassIs sound and abnormal odor. Also note that the working condition of the vehicle, such as oil pressure, water temperature, charging and so on are normal, wheel bearings, brakes and brake hub assembly and each temperature Is normal, identify problems and timely analysIs, and take effective measures; closed Car after to check the tightness of the parts, see whether the oil spills, leaks, leak, leakage phenomenon, the problems of early detection and early settlement, and replenIsh various oils, liquid.

2 regular maintenance

After a certain mileage Cars, doing maintenance called regular maintenance. Regular maintenance Is an important part of the rational use of the Car, which Is based on the number of Cars with mileage to determine what level of maintenance Carried out, while also taking into account the differences in models, conditions of use and quality of lubricants and accessories. For the general model, in normal use, the maintenance of a maintenance cycle Is generally 20003000km; 50007000km of two maintenance; 80000100000km of three maintenance.

3 Running maintenance

Car Is running lower initial wear of moving parts, improving the surface quality, improve the wear an important measure of. After the run, the Car Will get the minIstries to cooperate fully with the surface of moving parts, thus extending the life of the Car and mileage between overhauls, improve the reliability and economy of Automobile use. Therefore, a new Car or a large repair and overhaul of engines fitted with the Car, must be running in accordance with the provIsions relating to the use of run-in period.

In the run-in period, since the new surface Is rough machined parts, wear faster; various connectors after initial use, and easy to loose.So in the run-in period, the special attention should do routine maintenance work, regular inspection and tightening of the components exposed bolts, nuts, pay attention to sound and temperature changes in the operation of each assembly, time to adjust or repair. After the expiration of the running, running and maintenance should be done once.

4 seasonal maintenance

In order to ensure that vehicles in winter and summer rational use and properly, it must implement appropriate measures to adapt to climate change conditions. According to the local temperature conditions in winter should be taken preheating, insulation, antifreeze, anti-skid measures; summer should be taken to cool, explosion-proof, vapor lock, preventing spontaneous combustion and other measures. Therefore, before entering the winter and summer, it should be combined with two maintenance once seasonal seasonal maintenance.

5 suspended, Car maintenance storage

Car suspended or archived depending on additional maintenance work archive length of time before the general storage, maintenance interval mileage Car should be done once the appropriate level of Care. Pay attention to dust, rust and corrosion during storage. Long-term suspended Car engine should start once a month, and running over 10min, keeping in check the tire pressure and various oils, liquid, remove the battery grounding line. Cars not long-term storage, because a long time suspended, various oils, liquid susceptible to oxidation deterioration; Humid easy electrical element, in particular an electrical switch contacts easily oxidized, so that poor contact, or even failure; hit only put a long battery vain Car, may be scrapped; rubber and non-metallic plastic parts to aging; corrosion of metal parts occur. In short, the Car should always use, not long-term parking.