In the end the tires should be how to do routine inspections, how should maintenance

holiday Car maintenance Is the owner must face each topic, the most important Is the power system. But the engine, gearbox these important components if no special circumstances, generally do not require too much maintenance, only periodic inspection before it. But there Is one Auto parts and security are closely related, they wear all the time, often need to check and maintenance, that Is – tires. In the end the tires should be how to do routine inspections? How should maintenance? Replacement tires, what to pay attention to? We are here specifically to do a daily topic of tire maintenance, hoping to help you.

How to check tire routine? Tire safety Is important, but not necessarily always go to the repair shop or 4S shop inspection, taught himself how to self-test Is necessary. And check the tires Is very simple, mainly to check the use of vIsual appearance, but mainly focus on the following: whether the rolling tires, tire check again before departure, have come back to check, which tie hole ThIs situation Is most easily detected. of. Generally, if the tire Is rolling, and generally according to the depth and size of the bar hole, the degree of leakage Is generated Is not the same speed. But in any case, if the tires were slashed Is definitely no longer normal driving, the tires must take mended say. How rolling tires judge? If you can directly see the object nails, screws, etc., then it Is most simple. But very often can not see the foreign body, it depends on unknown circumstances there Is no leak. Especially if the four tires, there Is only a flat tire, tires were slashed and that the possibility Is high. In addition, can also be judged by lIstening to the sound, when finding the tire pressure was not enough, squat down and lIsten Carefully there Is no “hIssing” sound, if any, that to a large extent Is a leak, then you to quickly find the nearest repair shop to check the tire repair on tire.

there Is no drum kits, wear, although there Is no leak, but if the tire Is worn, the phenomenon of drum kits, then there Will be the rIsk of a puncture. In particular drum kits, if found bulge phenomenon, should immediately go to replace the tire. Maybe some owners do not understand, Why drum kits? Intuitively, there Is a local phenomenon muster the tire. When the Car at high speed passing the pits, and an obstacle in the road, the tire locally great impact force at severely deformed, the internal pressure increases instantaneouslyLarge, thIs Is a direct consequence of causing the tire drum kits. So, the usual driving habits good or bad, has a very direct impact on the life of the tire. Tread wear, tread observed, in fact, Is to observe the life of your Car tires how much. In general, the family Car tire Is normally used to open five or six million kilometers without problems, but it depends on the specific wear patterns. All tires Will wear marks when you find tire tread has been worn to mark together with the usual, it should be immediately replaced with new tires. Sometimes, however, the vIsual Is not necessarily accurate, then you can also buy a tread wear ruler, you can always check the tire tread wear their own situation. Of course, if you do not want to charge thIs time, you can go to maintenance each time, the professionals help you look.

regularly check tire pressure, tire pressure Is too low or too high Will cause tire wear Is not normal, shorten tire life, increase fuel consumption Will increase even burst the probability of tire, so regularly check the tire pressure Is necessary. In general, it Is best to check once a month to ensure proper tire pressure tire pressure. As for the normal tire pressure Is how much? Different models have different standards, small Cars and large SUV Is less, the best reference own attendant’s instructions to do it. Be sure to note, check the tire pressure when the tire Is to be Carried out under cooling state, or at high temperatures to check your tire pressure tire pressure Will be higher than normal number.

DIY how to change a tire? Changing a tire Is something often encountered predecessors has summed up a lot of experience. But for novice drivers, their own replacement tires Is very likely to be a big challenge, unable to do anything Is not surprIsing. But just have to learn a few key steps DIY replacement tires, in fact, you can also more secure, more scientific and more efficient way down to replace the tire. Put warning signs, if it Is in your own garage or parking space to change a tire like that but if it Is a temporary replacement tires on the road, and that the first step must be to do the job alerts. First of all, the vehicle was parked in a relatively safe place, if only to stop in the emergency lane on the side of the road or highway, it must pay attention to open the double flash, at a sufficient dIstance (50 meters ordinary roads, highways 100 m ) placing warning triangle on!

unloading tires, the spare tire and the vehicle tools out, you can begin to unload the tire down. Here Is exquIsite – not to immediately jack, but the first screw on the tire in order to loosen. But to know that these screws are very tight, otherwIse the roof up, it Is difficult to tighten the screws too hard to move in a fixed situation. Also to be noted – screwing the diagonal to follow the sequence, after a complete twIst, and then screwing the opposite. When unscrewing the screw, the jack can be used. Note that there Will be a special place slot under the Car jack, but not arbitrarily put. If out of position, not on top of the steel beam, Is to bear those parts of the body weight, every minute the Car Is likely to fall. After top up the Car, you can unload the tires. Here we must note that the Car did not need too high top, slightly off the ground, the tire can be successfully turn up, Will be very difficult otherwIse, etc. Will be installed when the tire up.

mounted tire, when the equipment to be noted that the same tire, do not tighten the screws a breath, and to turn in order to tighten slightly diagonal. After all the screws after put something, put down the Car, the tires touch the ground, and then tighten the screws one by one, so you can save a lot of strength. Tighten the screws time, preferably the same number of turns, which can ensure a uniform force all the screws. Also points inside and outside tire mounting, tires are generally points inside and outside of the outer tire usually printed with “OUTSIDE” words or production date. By identifying which one of these two i.e. the outside of the tire can be judged. If the anti-installed outside of the tire, drainage performance Will be oriented such that the use of the tire tread and grip performance greatly reduced.