In the car maintenance, these places are the most important, the rest of the basic need

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We all know that every house on the open Car and Car maintenance in thIs area Is unavoidable, some of the routine maintenance for your Car Is also very important, many consumers generally choose to go to 4s shops to do maintenance, where the staff are generally very negative responsibility, but there are some aspects of the vast number of consumers who must pay attention to, because it Is possible that you might accidentally spend unnecessary money.

in the Car maintenance, these places are the most important, the rest of the basic need


first look at in terms of tires, if my Car tire Is broken, you can choose to put on the spare tire, then put the Car to 4s shop for replacement tires. But if they tire of the Car Is not completely damaged, but by some sharp objects punctured, and that at thIs time you are not going to lIsten to the selected service personnel enchant the whole Car tires. As long as some simple partial repair of such circumstances can, of course, if some owners think thIs Is not very reassuring, then you can choose to change the entire tire.


Another Is the coolant of the Car, must have a lot of friends Will encounter in the process of driving such a situation, do maintenance when we Will conduct some routine operations, such as the oil replaced. There are still some 4s shop employee said the way the coolant also to replace the lost, thIs time many owners did not think too much Will allow direct replacement of coolant, but many people do not know if the coolant Is not contaminated words or mileage more than 100,000 are outside do not need to be replaced. If you choose to replace just spend a money wasted.


The third place Is changing the Car’s air-conditioning filters, air filters thIs thing Is very important and requires regular inspection or replacement, as in the above Will be attached to a layer of contaminants if not timely clean up cleaning the dust was able to keep the filter to block. But every time and do not have to Carry out maintenance replacement, basically a year to replace it, as long as they pay attention to cleaning can save some of the money at the usual time.

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The last Is to use refurbIshed parts, thIs situation Is there are a lot of, for example, they put other 4s shop Car repair some old parts to be thoroughly cleaned after that time these old parts and new looks no different, they Will regard it as a new installation to another Car. ThIs time the owners have a little heart must be long, Careful observation well, because it uses the life time Is very short in itself these old parts, if so then replace the old parts after their Car there Will be a variety of various kind of problems, there would be a change more frequently.

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So you owners to their Car maintenance when we must pay attention to these aspects.

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