In fact, these car maintenance methods are wrong! Make no mIstake!

road maintenance vehicles like human health. The right approach can not only prolong life, but also people usually maintain a good state of mind. However, if the wrong method, the effect may be the opposite. For example, the following method Will not only hurt Car maintenance Car, but also shorten the life of the vehicle

1. The tire air too full

tire air enough, then you can reduce rolling resIstance and saving oil, it can also make it easier to turn when some. But if the tire pressure Is too large, then it Will reduce the contact surface of the tire, increase tire wear. Most importantly, it Will reduce the braking effect of the brake, thus affecting traffic safety. When a Car tire inflation, can be inflated according to the manufacturer’s specified pressure.

2. Add excess oil, either oil or gasoline. When the engine crankshaft and connecting rod big end with vigorous agitation Will be, it Will not only increase the power loss of the engine, but also increase the amount of oil splashed on the cylinder wall, resulting in soot and oil combustion. Therefore, the best control of the oil dipstick on the oil level between underlined.

3. The hot sun washing

Such water droplets on the lens effect of the Car Will be presented, with the sun to a certain point Will cause local temperature, and over time, the paint Will lose luster. Therefore, as far as possible to prevent the Car wash in the sun, if you have to wash, you have to remember to dry after washing the body.

4. Rinse thoroughly too

Some people more thorough wash when washing, but there are two places pay attention. An intermediate grid. Since the intake port of the engine behind the Car, since the middle of the grid Is a high pressure flushing lance, which Will allow water to enter the intake port, preferably at the side. Another Is air-conditioned air intakes. Conditioning air inlet Is generally below the windshield, can not be directly flushed.

5. Tightening the screws

different from

bolt size and use, tightening torque Will have the most reasonable value, Is not more tightly the better..

6 in circular waxing

Is not the correct circle waxing waxing method, the correct way Is: alternating straight-line horizontal and vertical lines, then the last line along the flow of rain water, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the generation of the concentric paint