In addition to vehicle maintenance and oil change, but also to change the four parts, mechanic: Waste of money or else

In addition to vehicle maintenance and oil change, but also to change the four parts, mechanic: Waste of money, or else

now make a mention to the Car repair and maintenance then I think most of the owners are certainly going to think of changing the oil in the Car. In fact, there are many Car maintenance procedures and not only to the Car an oil change.

If everyone in the Car to do maintenance Is not the time to do a complete one-off, then it represents every time you go to 4s shops to spend money or time wasted on all no good a. We must want to change four parts to the Car to do maintenance at the time, if these do not change, then it Is equal to the white maintenance of the.

First, the first Is dedicated brake oil, Automotive braking force now most Cars are hydraulic brake, after a long period of time Will certainly decreases.

for oil brake hydraulic braking system Is the volume of liquid to be used, brake oil to as the temperature changes. If driving your Car for a long time, the temperature of the brake system Will rIse, so that the Car’s braking force Will certainly drop. So we go to 4s shop for vehicle maintenance when we must remember to replace what the brake fluid.

spark plug and must be replaced, because the material Is not to say that the spark plug Is permanent, so it also has a certain number of years.

Generally the spark plug Is used and the material of hIs own Is a very big relationship if you do not know how long the spark plug should maintain it, then the next to go when maintenance Is to ask your own Car repair master spark plug used Is of what kind of material?

Generally platinum spark plugs have to change about 50,000 kilometers, while the Iridium with a 100,000 km would not have any major problems.

Cage sets the name I think we should rarely hear it in their lives, so that weI do not know what kind of thing in the end Is to be replaced. First, let’s get to know in the end what Is the role of our Cars thIs part, there Is the position of the component Is located.

ThIs Is an important part of Car parts among transmIssion system, its main role Is to protect the Car the cage. The components used grease must be dedicated, or else because it Will make their Car a serious sense of frustration. So to a certain amount of time, we are going to look to replace thIs part, or else the Car accident may occur in severe cases.

brake wheel cylinders, I think most of the owners do not put thIs Issue to heart. But thIs part Is also a need to do regular maintenance, because it Is, after all, made of metal, a long time Is certainly the case Will be rusty, so that the braking performance of the Car absolutely Will drop.