“I keep a car line,” car maintenance in addition to pay attention to the engine, but also pay attention to the car chassIs maintenance!

In fact, when it comes to Car maintenance, then most people Will rarely go to find out about the Car chassIs maintenance, vehicle maintenance are taken into account most of the time the engine or other aspects of appearance. Therefore, Xiao Bian today’ll tell you about the Car chassIs maintenance problems. First, we must recognize that the point Is that the vehicle chassIs Is a very important part, so we can not ignore it among vehicle maintenance process. When we in the daily running of the process, Will be very easy to splash some of the sand, the sand Will continue to friction chassIs, the chassIs Will be the original layer of rust destroy, further threatening the use of other Auto parts. So how should we do to maintain vehicle chassIs, followed by small series gave you explain in detail.

First, Xiao Bian give you about how among the top five Automotive chassIs system with system should be maintained. Traveling system including tires, wheels, bearings and the like tires. The basic life of the tire are maintained at about 50,000 km, but in order to ensure uniform worn Car tires, so we Will tire Will be exchanged at a travel time of about 15000-20000 km of front and rear tires. Many people probably still do not understand Why the front and rear tire wear Is not the same, mainly because of the degree of wear of the drive and non-drive wheels are not the same result. Also, if the direction of deviation or Car accident occurs, it must be to do a Car wheel alignment service points. When the Car’s driving system maintenance Is good, you can achieve lower fuel consumption and reduce chassIs wear and tear effect.

Second, the Automobile steering system. Automobile steering system mainly by steering, the steering column, consIsting of a top rod ball, turning on the system, then, not many small series presented here, mainly to explain to everyone steering the maintenance cycle of the system. Steering system maintenance period remained at 40000-50000 km maintenance time on it, major maintenance work Is clean and replace the power steering fluid.

Third, Automobile braking system. A vehicle brake system brakes, brake pads, brake master cylinder and composition. Wherein the brake system Is to be noted at some parts of the maintenance period and inspection period. Replacement of brake padsA period of about 30,000 km, 50,000 km time for the brake fluid, the other Cars each driving 10,000 kilometers have to check again. Xiao Bian here to remind everyone to give point Is that if the long-term Car traveling in wet areas, it Is recommended that owners can be the replacement cycle brake oil appropriately shortened to avoid oil water, affect safe driving.

Fourth, vehicle driveline. Automotive driveline mainly by the transmIssion assembly, drive shafts and other components. The main content of maintenance for the replacement of the gearbox oil, but as the case may be, as some models use manual clearly marked on the lifelong maintenance-free. But basically in accordance with transmIssion oil Is to replace 40,000 km.

Fifth, an Automobile suspension system. Automobile suspension system consIsts of a shock absorber assembly, steering knuckles, suspension arm ball first-class components. Under normal circumstances, when the heat shock absorbers work, if not heat, indicating that the oil shock. Every time the vertical vibration of the vehicle during running, abnormal noIse suspension system described suspension system fails, it may be damaged or shock absorber sleeve broken, thIs check should be promptly replaced.

or more for the maintenance of the Car chassIs, the proposed owners pay more attention to Car maintenance problems in their daily lives.