“I keep a car line” Big Three automobile maintenance, it turned out to be the most likely to ignore it!

When it comes to Car maintenance, then most people would be more concerned about the maintenance of a Car engine. But in fact, in addition to the engine, the Car’s transmIssion Is a major Automobile parts, and good gearbox can often make when we shift more smoothly. It also can reduce repair and maintenance costs later. But many people do not know how the gearbox should be maintained, small series to tell you about today, we should be how to maintain the Car’s gearbox. Focus lies in replacing the gearbox oil.

Most of the currently available models are Automatic models, so under normal circumstances, only every 60,000 kilometers traveling can be replaced once. However, because of the different models, so we should give priority to Car maintenance manual when replacing the transmIssion oil. But in any case not more than 60,000 kilometers and then replace the gearbox oil, Automotive transmIssion or would cause serious injury.

may be a lot of 4S shop customer service personnel Will try to say as soon as you change the gearbox oil, in fact, thIs Is not necessary. For advance replacement gearbox oil, mainly to take into account the Car in motion the process of how often in a relatively rough terrain, and whether the driver driving long-term violence. If these two factors are not present, then the owner can travel 60,000 kilometers before replacing a gearbox oil Is no problem, but then try to replace or choose better quality of transmIssion oil would be better.

In addition to the Automatic transmIssion models, manual transmIssion models, small series here or to tell you about. Since the driving test, it Is the small series before learning manual transmIssion models, it may be more concerned in thIs regard. Although the manual model gearbox Is maintenance-free for life. But we need to know Is that the gearbox oil after a long time Will be prone to deterioration. Manual transmIssion Car because the need for frequent manual shift, the requirements for transmIssion Is relatively high. So if the gearbox oil can not be replaced, it Will not only lead to decreased lubrication of the transmIssion, but also lead to a reduction gearbox life. Typically, transmIssion oil not promptly replaced, it would appear obvious sense of frustration in the process of driving.

Through the above analysIs, a conclusion we can draw Is that if the Car Is Automatic, Xiao Bian suggest that you are 3 years or 60,000 km to be replaced once every time. The manual transmIssion Car, in fact, as long as the driver Is not the driving force in the process of driving a little note, even if life does not change Is not a problem.

small to give us advice, due to the limit of the Car to replace the gearbox oil Is replaced every 100,000 kilometers, it Is not possible again after 100,000 km continue to drag on. Moreover, because the circumstances of each vehicle Is different, so small advice if the owners find anything unusual phenomena occur Car, it Is best to go 4S shop to check something.