“I keep a car line” automotive interior maintenance, not only Is clean, focused on health!

on Car maintenance problems, we are often the most easily overlooked Is the Car’s interior maintenance. But in fact the maintenance of the interior Is very important, because the Car’s interior environment Will directly affect the health of passengers. We of Automotive interior maintenance process, we can Carry out maintenance in accordance with the individual components, small series here just a simple talk. Xiao Bian today Is to select seats, ceiling, center console and other maintenance items as we introduce today.

First of all, Xiao Bian give you about the Car seat. As the Car seat Is up to the owner of the contact part, so thIs led to its most interior parts of the easiest soiled interiors. Maintenance on the seat, in our daily use Is to pay attention to two aspects, the first Is through the seat cover cloth coverings, while also preparing more than one thing you can always replace cleaning.

The second Is to avoid foods or liquids spilled on the seat, in particular alcoholic essences or article. If once stained, try not to do to clean up more than 12 hours, these stains Will be difficult removed.

The third regular cleaning and maintenance of leather cleaner and maintenance agents, leather to prevent aging, dIscoloration, cracking. Xiao Bian suggest that you, every six months for the interior leather trim Care. So as not to breed bacteria, to protect indoor air environment. Since most of the Cars used are leather sofa, so Xiao Bian said here about leather cleaning and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, we can drive the vehicle to a professional Automotive beauty shop, general Automotive beauty shop Is equipped with a full set of tools leather Care and leather Care agent, use different tools for different parts of the operation. Further, certain leather protector professional requirements for access and maintenance doses of detergent agent, because excess liquid remains in the leather surface adsorbed dust in the air, pollution of the environment inside the vehicle. Leather seats make life longer and cleaner.

Car roof Is relatively easy to overlook the place, especially the Car smoking passengers, Will easily top the residual soot and other harmful objects. Once cleaned, the liquid residue Is bound to be droppedOn the seat or Carpet. So we have to be extra Careful in the cleaning process can be handled by using a vacuum cleaner. Professional cleaning can also be cleaned by specialized tools and protective equipment.

dashboards most likely to accumulate dust, and there are a lot of dead ends, when the clean-up Is very difficult. But we can use a professional brush on the dashboard, air conditioning air inlet, switches, buttons, etc. brushing, to prevent dust accumulation and difficult to remove. After cleaning, can be sprayed with a plastic polIsh.

When Local velvet dirty, unable to move demolition, has caused great difficulties to clean, it Is generally the owners choose to go to a professional Automotive beauty shop cleaned, but usually at the pile block spread mats, easy daily cleaning. To the cleaning pads wherein the moIsture squeezed. After the rain, Xiao Bian suggest that you try to go to the Car wash cleaning process, to prevent the breeding of germs.

The inner door panel: the main door of the Car stains shoe prints, and are concentrated in the side edges of the door panel, usually to pay more attention, frequent cleaning. Using professional cleaning foam cleaner, with a clean soft cloth and then wiped a little.

Finally, Xiao Bian suggest that you must pay attention to maintenance of the Car, not only to ensure driving safety, but also to ensure the health of occupants.