I do not know how to maintain the tires, keep in mind several ways to get the tires “long as the new” more durable!

do not know how to maintain the tires, keep in mind several ways to get the tires “long as the new” more durable!

Now the number of Cars in our country Is becoming more and more, whether in big cities or rural towns a second line, the traffic jams are very serious, thIs also can reflect the overall increase of the national economy to some extent. Advent of the Automobile provides us with a great convenience, but be aware that anything has two sides, there are bound to be on the good side and bad side. Automobile brought us convenience, but also brought a series of other problems, such as it Is now on the road traffic pressure Is very large, but also in traffic accidents has skyrocketed. Even some experienced old driver, did not dare to guarantee that Will not drive out relatively few accidents, you are good to go on the road, maybe there Will be another Car to hit your body. According to the relevant department statIstics, about 46% each year in traffic accidents on the highway, are due to tire failure caused by a puncture which accounted for 70%, as part of the entire vehicle tires and the only contact with the ground, if tire broke down, it would have a direct threat to the security of our lives, then we really how to maintain tire of it? I do not know how to maintain the tires, keep in mind several ways to get the tires “long as the new” more durable!

1, check the tire pressure regularly

There are many means have detected tire pressure on Automobiles with , so that we can see the Car four tires tire pressure at any time. It Will not only affect the normal life of the tire, and if the tire pressure by the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, when the tire pressure in the winter Will decline if there Is no proper tire pressure increases, it Will not only increase fuel consumption, but also accelerate tire wear. So in the winter when we should appropriate to add a little tire pressure, but must be controlled within a reasonable range on the opposite to be appropriate to reduce the number of summer.

2, clear the tread debrIs

After a period of use Cars, which Will inevitably interposed Some pebbles or obligations, etc. these words have these obligations, aGiven to timely clear, or Will obviously feel a little thin feeling while driving, and Will cause great damage to the tires, especially in high-speed driving, and if there are some relatively sharp foreign body, it Is easy to phenomenon Will cause a puncture, and how serious the consequences, I believe we are very clear.

3, wear Check the tires

We all know the new tire and old tire traction and also there Is a big difference on the grip, if there are some more serious tire wear, so thIs time the grip Will be weaker, more prone to slipping phenomenon, so the tires have to be replaced in time depending on the wear. Typically tire tread depth of 1.6 mm, where there Will be a wear indicator, Will also place next to a small projection abbreviation Is also dIsplayed a “TW i”, if when the tire has worn to the projection place, it represents our need for timely replacement of tires.

4, four-wheel transposition

sometimes driving the Car always felt deviation or appear abnormal steering, thIs time it means we need timely transposition of the tire, so as not to tire the presence of other anomalies. Four transposition Will be able to ensure that vehicles 4 tires can even force, to avoid some places badly worn in some places or 4-bit rotation intact, there are many advantages, if the direction of rotation of the front wheel does not change, can maintain good handling and stability, but also allows all four wheels wear evenly. I usually do not know how to maintain your tire of it, and Xiao Bian welcome message to share, oh.