How was life president of tire maintenance? Repairman saw both thumbs up!

How to maintain the life of the tire was president? Repairman saw both thumbs up!

of the vehicle on the road, the only member that Is in contact with the ground state of the tire, the tire directly affects the driving performance of the vehicle. For our Car, we have to understand some common sense tire maintenance, regular tire maintenance, possible trouble. What most correct tire maintenance?

a tire pressure checking

First, a standard to check tire pressure. Novice drivers generally do not know what thIs Is, thIs case can find information on their own, or find the standard barometric pressure graph on the user’s manual for comparIson. If you do not find the words, some of the vehicles on the doors and fuel tanks, Will have thIs schematic, measuring pressure when the need to note that, because of the material of the tire, Is affected by the relatively large effect of thermal expansion and contraction, it Is not able, immediately after the Car began to measure, to wait until after the tire has been completely re-cooling measure, otherwIse the measured data Is likely not particularly accurate.

Second, do not overload

rated load on the Car tires, more than thIs standard Will not only exacerbate tire wear and reduce tire life, and can lead to puncture, the Car speed exceeds the maximum speed indicated on the tire, it can cause overload with the same or even more serious consequence.

Third, keep in mind the tire wear indicator

The above each tire has a tire wear indicator, the side of the tire in general has a triangular mark, along the direction of the triangles can be found marked degree of wear of the tire tread limit of small squares in general tread wear to the position in respect of replacement tires, in general, to run a 8 As 90,000 km need attention.

Fourth, the shelf life of the tire Is also

Is a rubber tirePolystyrene, so the rubber aging phenomenon Will occur. Shelf life of the tire rubber Is generally 4 – 5 years. After the shelf life of the tire rubber Will result in accelerated aging of the tire performance.

The “9MCR0810” tire production date code. Among them, the last four digits “0810” indicates that thIs tire Is “10” Year “8” Zhou products.

Fifth, the shoulder pit and to prevent

I saw some Car owners parking domineering way of comparIson, I do not know the landlord Is not such a person, just like chariots on the shoulder to let park. In fact, during the vehicle ride shoulder, the tire Will be pressed, so that the side of the tire but easily lead to cord breakage, resulting in the tire bulge.

There Is also the road to avoid potholes. When the tire Is run over a pothole, the tire Will also be squeezed. The larger the holes, the higher the vehicle speed, the tire Is pressed by the greater strength, thIs Will lead to tire bulge appears.

give us today brings so much knowledge about the tires properly maintained. We hope to give those who are not too understanding of the relevant aspects of the Car faithful to bring a little help.