How to understand car maintenance, novice drivers do not worry, keep in mind four points on the line

In recent years, the speed of our economic development level quickly, the ensuing impact Is great, which Will promote the development of the Automotive sector to a large extent, but although many people buy Car, but do not know how vehicle maintenance, in fact, novice drivers do not have to worry too much about, Care about the Car, just remember the following four points on the line.

the first point, we must control the number of maintenance, vehicle maintenance, do not do it frequently. The project Is nothing more than the usual Car maintenance including oil changes, brake oil change and so on, but it Will still have some mileage requirements, under normal circumstances Is not required to replace the maintenance, but also can damage the Car too many times.

The second point Is the hot Car to start the Car in front of the process. In fact, thIs idea a long time, especially in the winter, many owners prefer warm-up for some time, Is to let the Car idling, in fact, completely unnecessary, a waste of pure gasoline, the correct approach should be to slow running for some time, you can Instead of the so-called hot Car process.

about Car maintenance, tire maintenance Is another point, in fact, in small series, there Is no need for tire maintenance, usually just pay attention to whether the tire surface cracks and so the situation can be, after all, the tire wear Is a more powerful Auto parts, direct replacement problems it wants, no need maintenance.

Point 1 and the last point of some relevance. Point 1 Is not required for the maintenance of too many times, the fourth point Is required, in accordance with the provIsions do not have time or mileage Car to do maintenance on a Car coke, for example, if thIs problem the best time to go clean-up, there Is no need to wait until then to do Car maintenance Car after driving many miles, otherwIse it really would be a waste of gasoline.