How to maintain tires? 3 key points reported to you know, do not say you do not know

friends must know a Car for the Car Is the most important part of the natural tires, if your tires bad. Even if you are worth millions, tens of millions of Cars are not driving, the tires can be said to be an important part of the Car, and it Is for Car owners driving safety and stability Is also a great relationship. But for Car owners, Car tire pressure if they know at what range Is right? How to maintain tires? 3 key points reported to you know, do not say you do not know!

I believe we go out the time, did not pick the habit of checking the tires, if not particularly obvious Will not Care, but for Car owners, you may not find the spot, but so when you drive, you Will be prompted some vehicles on dIsplay Car pressure problems, and you drive a Car, but also be able to feel it. Many owners and my heart have some questions, obviously he played only yesterday gas, measured over tire pressure, how after a day on the air down the tires deflated it?

In fact, thIs situation Is very normal, we know that many tires are tubeless, normal Tire pressure Is between 2.2-2.6bai, as long as we cheer when applied in accordance with standard pressure on it, even if it looks a bit deflated, but not the problem, but small series to be here to tell you, as long as you drove out It Will certainly be the Car tire Is damaged, whether you are a low-pressure or high pressure, can cause damage to the tires.

And now many tires have such a mark, it Is the “inside”. It does not indicate the tire brand, nor Is a model and specifications of the vehicle, its role Is to determine your tire Is installed backwards, if installed backwards, then damage to the tire Is still very large, so we complement tire or when to change tires, be sure to pay attention, do not let the staff take your tire to the correct orientation.

Finally, a suspectAsk, Is a small yellow spot on the tire What does it mean? In fact, thIs little yellow dot means it Is the lightest tire position, which means that it Is symmetrical point valve, it can ensure that your Car tire pressure stable.

After introduction of small series, I am sure you Will understand the owners Car tire pressure right in fact the tires Is very critical, if your tire Is damaged Is quite troublesome thing, if you find that you tire wear Is very serious, I suggest you quickly replace, or cause a Car accident on the bad, we are often in the News on seeing a similar message, for their own safety, the tire can not save money.

The value of life Is much higher than the tires, I hope thIs article helps riders to let you know that you the pressure should be maintained in the Car to what extent. Like a friend thumbs up collection plus interest, small Car knowledge updated every day, there are questions about the Car friends can whIsper small series.