How to maintain the car in the end? Is not it really more the better ground

own a Car, always want to take good Care of it properly, it can be more stable and long-term use, but does not the Car maintenance intervals as short as possible, thIs Will depend on the Car’s mileage and maintenance it Is not our final say, to the Car’s own final say, since you do not know how maintenance, and maintenance cycle, then Xiao Bian together to learn the secret with the maintenance of it.

5,000 km of maintenance surely we are all aware, the maintenance of content do you also know of it? There are air conditioning filter in the usual way we need maintenance parts, as well as oil, air filter, power steering oil, and so these parts. Of course 4s shop Will be based on the provIsions of the project, the heart of the Car – engine inspection and maintenance to do it again, and secondly in the chassIs, suspension, tires and cooling system have to do a complete overhaul, when the Car needs long dIstances, in particular, need drivers of these basic components to check, after all, the dIstance, the maintenance Is not easy, for a smooth long-dIstance travel, or hope that every driver to take seriously the normal running of each vehicle.

but we Will find the time to do maintenance to the Car, different manufacturers Will be based on different vehicles, recommend some suitable for the Automotive maintenance technology and the replacement of some configurations also depending on the brand of Car, and recommended maintenance methods and different forms of maintenance cycles. Car from different producers, and some can run 5000 km maintenance, but some may run a 7500 km or even 15,000 kilometers only need maintenance time, the durability of the Car determines the length of the maintenance period.

According to the degree of luxury Cars, we can for the Car’s maintenance time there Is a general overview and assessment of the cost. Just like a regular Car oil filter change, then the price Is only 100-200, 200-300 need some prices higher. As for the luxury Car price may be higher, so we have to dIstinguIsh between consumption needs and in times of need maintenance time, so as not to waste money spent for upkeep.

I do not know for vehicle maintenance whatever their views of it? If you have more suggestions for vehicle maintenance, and also welcomes told Xiao Bian, tell more faithful Car, money and effort we work together for the maintenance of the Car, and make due contributions. But some drivers have also true of older drivers, maintenance for these things know the tricks, we also very much hope that friends like to give us some comments of Car Care guidelines. In thIs small series thanks to the friends who know how to share.