How to determine vehicle maintenance cycle? Novice drivers should know, remember these points the best car care

There are many people in the Car, but who really knows Car maintenance Is not much, not many people there lack of maintenance problems, that Is, excessive maintenance, can effectively determine if Car maintenance cycle Will be resolved thIs Is a problem, how to determine Car maintenance cycle it? Novice drivers to be especially aware of, keep in mind these points the best Car maintenance, can maintain a good Car, not a waste of money.

the first point Is the Car for the first time maintenance, speaking in general, when a new Car on the road, within six months or 5000 km later, you can be the first once the maintenance. Maintenance Is very important Car for the first time, it Is recommended to professional 4s shop maintenance, can effectively eliminate the Car itself, the quality problems, maintenance period to make adjustments.

second Car maintenance, under normal circumstances the Car after traveling 10,000 kilometers or Car for a year, we must consider the 2nd Car maintenance of the. Of course, thIs Is not an accurate figure because fully synthetic oil change maintenance cycle Is about 10,000 km, if the conditions are not the same, can also be slightly earlier or delayed a number.

with respect to the maintenance of the Car for the first time, the 2nd place Car maintenance should pay attention to the relatively more emphasIs on checking the oil, oil filters, as well as air filter and so on. Which focus on checking everything related to oil, basically you have to be replaced, even if it Is fully synthetic motor oil, but also to the replacement of the maintenance period.

basically had two Cars after maintenance, basic Car can understand the situation clearly, need to do Car maintenance projects are able to understand, however, in the third started doing Car maintenance time, we should focus on what Issues to clean up Carbon deposits in the Car.