How Tires for conservation do not know you’re a big loss

speed Auto parts development now Is very fast, and now the brand of Car tires Is more and more, a lot of Car tires peeling phenomenon Is also very seriously. Market now above the Car’s tires have a lot of peeling of the phenomenon, and the tire Is detected from the skin of a standard of performance Car. Tire safety Is very important to the owners, if the tire problems, traffic accidents Will happen, so tire maintenance Is very important.

regular manufacturers of tires have a speed rating of the index are, a lot of Cars in the fast-moving time, all make the tire from the skin, so that the tire speed specified within level, you should use the corresponding maximum speed to use.

in terms of the temperature of the tire, because when the vehicle Is traveling, because the tire Will be done, and the compression and friction, which makes the tire Is after the temperature becomes high, the temperature of the tire becomes high for some time, Is to make a tire puncture, particularly in the summer time, the temperature inside the tire Is an Automobile Will be around 135 degrees, while the rubber and the cord Is subject to very large destruction, if thIs time the Car has delamination occurs, then be sure not to pour wet with cold water, as thIs may be the cause of the explosion.

now has seven Car Is to rely on the usual maintenance, while the remaining one-third Is to rely on maintenance. Because of the importance of tire safety Car, many owners are now very focused on maintenance of Car tires, the tire should be timely transposition, as well as regular repair and clean up the foreign body, to extend the life of the tire.