How tire maintenance? You just know these points, for the novice to understand some help


tire maintenance? You just know these points, for the novice to understand some help

In fact, the tire Is equivalent to the shoes of the Car, we usually take good Care of their feet a plus for their own wearing a comfortable shoe. Then in the Car, tire wheel Is shoes, shoes act as a role, then the tire in contact with the ground everyday signs it Is inevitable there Will be wear. Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection of the tire in the usual Car maintenance. The following Is said on local tire protection several points to note.

First, the tire pressure detector. If the tire deflated because of insufficient air pressure, it Will shorten the life of the tire, increasing fuel consumption. The worst outcome would lead to an explosion of the tire. Inspected once a month on a regular basIs can effectively prevent the occurrence of such accidents. Check the tire pressure must be Carried out under cooling conditions. You can use professional pneumatic instrumentation to be checked. These tools are not ordinary people, can be maintained through to specialized Auto repair shops.

labeled second friction loss of tire concerned. Marking the tire friction losses are generally printed several Trenches tire, Is a cross-sectional shape Is trapezoidal with raIsed pieces. When the tire tread wear to be seen when thIs mark, it means that must take the tire to be replaced. Especially in the rainy period in order to prevent wheel spin at the water surface, tire tread depth must be maintained at more than 3mm.

There Is also a tire actually shelf life, such as rubber, summer heat long run, more or there Will be less wear and tear of aging situation. In general, the shelf life of the tire rubber Is approximately four to five years. If the rubber of the tire over the shelf life. ThIs means that tire performance began to decline. Driving with tire problems after all of the vehicles on the road Is sCary, so I do not recommend drivers in order to save thIs money, their original tires has not been replaced. Today we give so much attention on some areas of tire maintenance, hope do not understandThIs aspect of the owners have a little help.