How their own car maintenance? 6:00 Grandfather share tips

[master Car: Car maintenance Cars] has entered the family of ordinary people, not all Is well after buying the Car, you also need regular maintenance Is a big problem, but to the 4S shop to do a minimum of a few hundred pieces of ordinary maintenance with the increase of mileage, maintenance costs Will be higher. That you can do your own maintenance? Now, the old master to share their own vehicle maintenance feasibility and how to maintain their own Car.

own vehicle maintenance work?

when their own vehicle maintenance theoretically possible, the key Is you have the space and equipment, as well as to have a certain ability. The above points have their own vehicle maintenance Is feasible. First, from the perspective of the device, the worst achieve thIs, the Car’s chassIs Is too low, or no help lift the tank Is no way to put a clean engine oil. Followed by treatment of waste engine oil, and oil pollution of the environment Is quite large, to address emIssions cost oil. Finally, from a security point of view, the Car Is a large machine, without a certain sense of security, it Is easy to injure yourself. To sum up, DIY Car maintenance Is not realIstic.

they can do simple maintenance

although it-yourself Car maintenance Is not realIstic but we can do it yourself some simple maintenance on their Car in the course of daily Car.

1, the tire pressure, the Car in the morning before the vIsual look of the tire pressure to ensure the safety of the tire driving.

2, the engine compartment checks can imagine how long you have not opened the engine cover, it Is estimated there are part owners do not know the boot lid.

3, cabin check to see where there Is no oil leaks, particularly on the number of kilometers the Car.

4, the oil level of the oil situation, oil spills like the Volkswagen Car Is very easy.

5. Check the cleanliness of the cabin, winter mouse and the cat likes to go to the engine compartment, a winter most likely to occur with rats chewed line.

6, strip wiper blade, wiper place which Is Why we need to focus on everyday Car maintenance, aging wiper blade easily found in the course of normal use wiper when scraping clean towel moIstened with detergent to wipe the tape, the tape Is easy to dust adhesion, a blowing line to a prone on the windshield.

Master Summary: For Car maintenance, guru recommend only some simple maintenance, responsible for project proposals 4S shop and go to a professional repair shop, of course, if you there are more than enough experience and ability, equipment, then you also have the other said. These are the relevant content to share how the master of their own maintenance.