How the car maintenance, what maintenance needs attention

How Automobile maintenance, what maintenance needs to pay attention to?

often heard people say, “major maintenance”, “little maintenance,” What Is the difference?

like people to regular physical examination as driving 5,000 kilometers, it Is recommended to make the Car a “little maintenance.” “Little maintenance” time Will replace the oil filter and oil. Do maintenance 4S shop to choose a regular, although the price Is a little expensive, but the quality Is guaranteed.

Is bigger maintenance, to replace the “three filter” Is fuel filters, air filters, oil filters and oil. At present, most fuel Cars use gasoline, so-called fuel filter Is the fuel filter, referred to as “gas filter.” Action “steam filter” Is to filter out impurities generated during combustion of gasoline.

After driving the vehicle for a long time, oil filter, fuel filter inside accumulate a lot of impurities, resulting in incomplete combustion of gasoline and reduce fuel efficiency, increased fuel consumption, so on a regular basIs replacement as well. The air filter Will accumulate in the lower dust, bacteria, if not replaced, so the air in the Car circulation, Will affect human health.

“major maintenance” generally replaced and repaired “three filter”, according to the condition, but also proposed maintenance personnel replace the spark plug (with approximately 30,000 km), the brake fluid (generally with more than 40,000 kilometers) and so on.

In general, major maintenance to small maintenance Is based on two alternating maintenance, time interval due to vehicle brand differentiation, vehicle damage situation Is different.

In general, we feel that the riders are generally in accordance with the number of miles the Car driving to do maintenance Is no problem, after all, your Car run so many kilometers, and whether it Is a Car parts ah, or some of the oil cooling fluid and the like, have some wear and tear, so of course to the provIsions of miles to maintain, however, if I did not how to open the Car, Why should I pay to do thIs maintain it?

Many Car supplies and Car parts are all shelf life. Let’s say it oil, we use oil Once opened,Added to the engine, thIs period must be keep in contact with air, even if your Car Is not running, the oil can only play a role in better lubrication to its shelf life period, once past their expiry date, thIs performance may be a lot of oil it once was, it must be caused by a number of engine wear and other Issues. The reason Is simple, just like you buy a bottle of drink, open drank, then stood sure that you Will shorten the shelf life and may also drink the next day, but your heart Is not comfortable, that had a shelf life , because people remind, opening the lid ready to drink.

Then the second cage Is set, it means sets the cage to cage member inside the package, and then can play a dust, water effects, and wrap grease inside the role, cage once set bad, then you Will mIss the grease, dust and do not, if a long time Will lead to Automobile axle damaged, so you thIs Car the repair price Is not cheap.

another one Is the brakes, the brakes may not synchronized with the brake pads, brake pad change Is that you probably Will not change when the brakes dIsc, brake pads wear we all know how much later, then you just changed, but the brakes did not in fact a limit, how to do it? Usually when you can let the Car maintenance instructors give you look at the brakes or need to change.

the first two years after the purchase of a new Car, Is full of vehicle functions, can be said to be the best Car situation, when the equivalent of human adolescence. If you have any fatal vehicle quality problems, basically it can be found within a year.

If there Is no quality problem, then the excellent condition of the vehicle at thIs stage, as long as routine maintenance, basically not a problem. In thIs stage, we pay attention to safe driving.

a new Car within a year, the daily routine inspection essential. Generally start from the following nine routine examination.

① check drive belt, exhaust systems, battery conditions;

② replacement of oil and oil filter;

③Inspection, clean air cleaner;

and the qualitative and quantitative performance of the brake fluid in the brake system checked ④;

⑤ checks and the quality and quantity of the steering assIst system oil;

⑥ ball check the chassIs of each trolley dust cover; longitudinal

⑦ inspection suspension situation;

⑧ check the condition of the tire;

⑨ air conditioning system performance check.

let the Car do the routine maintenance control them more smoothly, and remove small problems, the Car Will use it longer. Do some routine annual inspection Is necessary.

spend 3–5-year Car, we entered a mature stage of the vehicle. Maturity, which means that most state of the vehicle into the peak phase, after thIs stage Will begin to decline gradually.

If it Is some quality, the more the quality of the models began to appear: Parts of aging, oil spills, leaks and other minor problems. If it Is good quality vehicles in all appearances it Will be glamorous.

In general, the five-year-old Car used Car more, because thIs time the condition of the vehicle looks pretty good from the outside, can sell a good price.

at thIs stage, vehicle inspection and maintenance should focus on the following aspects:

① brakes: brake pads, also known as brake pads. In the Automotive brake system brakes are the most critical safety components, the braking effect are all good or bad brakes play a decIsive role.

Generally, the lower the cost of brake pad wear faster. Friction materials after use timely replacement brake pads, or brake dIsc Will be in direct contact with the plate, it Will eventually lose braking effect and damage the brake dIsc.

② fuel pump: Car open to more than three years, the fuel pump to clean or replace the same.

③ damper: If it Is not found with a new Car so smooth, in caseThIs situation should check the Car’s shock absorber.


shock absorber Is to reduce vehicle vibration, which Is part of the suspension system, if there Is no longer an elastic spring shock absorber, at high speeds Will shake Is very powerful, and more rain Is particularly dangerous.

Xiaojian found that the age of the Car are not used to describe the object, the eyes of most Cars have souls, after all, people are emotional animals have feelings for Car understandable . Indeed, it Is good, it Will be good for us. We often say that to keep a Car than to buy a Car to be difficult, so many people on their Car “Care plus”, often own very wIse to do some minor maintenance, but maintenance Is equivalent to the frequent excessive doting, not only to keep a Car Will be destroyed Car.

In U.S., a lot of people in Cars, but Car go by Car, many people believe that when it comes to maintenance Car Maintenance unknown thing, that vehicle maintenance just change the oil and air filter to get, in fact, thIs Is a big mIstake, because there are many Car parts are consumables, today let small lIst a few easily overlooked parts to see if you have forgotten their ?

as a Car editor, there are often around 12, 13 million to buy friends to consult What Car? We often casually answer, “Carola Yeah.” Not lazy just go, just Corolla affordable, high comfort, conservation Is not critical, for many people Is indeed another good way of transport at the moment.

controlling the air throttle valve Is a controllable valve into the engine, the intake gas into the gas and be mixed into the combustible mixture to the combustion form work. It Is then the air filter, then under the engine block, known as the throat of an Automobile engine.

throttle how long the cleaning

Multi-throttle cleaned once a long time, determined by many aspects. For example running environment, EFI engine control of the vehicle and the like. If the vehicle Is operating under severe pollution of the environment, there Will be piled on top of the throttle impurities, over time soon, it Will affect intake of the engine, Then they need cleaning.

do not harm cleaning of the throttle valve

long time without cleaning the throttle opening of the throttle Will result in an error, because a throttle Experience dust reducing sludge formation sensitivity, while also sludge clogging and contamination idle channel idle valve, affect the power of the engine, the acceleration performance and fuel consumption. Will lead to impurities in the air into the engine combustion chamber, the two results can lead to abnormal engine work, mainly as unstable idle speed, close the throttle with a sudden feeling of power Will decline, can cause serious or even start difficulties and increase fuel consumption.


whether the throttle valve and the need to clean three-way catalyst Is to be replaced from time to time, need to use environment and usage It may be, so many owners forget. To remind situation repairman check the throttle during maintenance, not sloppy it needs cleaning, if too long without cleaning can cause the throttle does not work needs to be replaced, and even affect other engine parts.