How summer car maintenance, maintenance tips, you must know

summer Car how maintenance, maintenance tips, you must know the

1, use of air conditioning

summer weather Is very hot, we entered the Car Will feel very hot, thIs time to think air conditioning, in fact, doing so Is bad, because the Car has just launched, it Is best not to immediately open air, should put the Car windows are open, until after about three minutes, the Car after the heat all the loose Air conditioning open, so air conditioning would play a better cooling effect. There are also some more things to note, if the smell inside the Car has to be in the Car after the first start for some time, thIs time to warm the air conditioning, while the power to maximum. Blowing about two minutes to open a refrigerant, the smell Will be gone.

2, Car cleaning.

summer the air Is very humid, so be sure to keep the interior of the Car has to be clean, especially for your vehicle difficult to clean, and to do related cleanup. The air conditioning can be the first to clean up some of the above areas that are not cleaned by high temperature, clean, but also can reduce some of the more unpleasant taste, and then the various parts of the Car clean, while also finIshing their usual timely cleaning put stuff in the Cart.

3, to observe the tank

temperature Is too high when some of the relevant components of the Car Will change, even change shape, the water tank Is also very easy to reach boiling point. Especially in the summer to timely attention to thIs aspect, if dIscovered in time, then it must be stopped immediately to a relatively cool place, but remember, do not rush to take immediate measures, otherwIse it Will be easy to burn, may be subject to hurt.

4Automobile wiper blades

As the usage rainy summer, wiper blades Will be high. So do the inspection of the Car wiper blade, in addition to whether or not we should always pay attention to it so that, we have to pay attention to it clean to prevent dirty because dust generated much affect the results of the windshield wipers wipers It Is not effective, thus affecting our vIsion, once these problems, we Will immediately repair or replacement.

5, tire inspection

summer weather Is certainly very hot, with the temperature of the tire Will increase. Rubber Will easily soften the worst case, the tire Is also likely burned. Accelerating vehicle than when traveling prone to some problems in the road if found tire overheating, you can park your Car under a tree, the only tire to watch for Is not to be scratched or needle, which require attention of .

Summer vehicle maintenance methods should also be Careful with these:

a regular maintenance, first of all the most basic way Is to not forget the maintenance of the Car, check all parts used Car with aging, or oil spills Will not occur. If it Is to turn over the Car, you should check it Carefully.

b prevent an explosion of the tire pressure Is too high, when the temperature Is high, if the tire Is of poorer quality, or other reasons can lead to a puncture, may additionally injecting nitrogen, the gas very stable.

c, to ensure heat dIssipation, thIs Is very necessary, otherwIse the water Will boil water tank, thIs time the owner should be quick to stop a cool place for cooling. Then there ready to add water.

These are just some of the more basic aspects, the most important thing Is to pay attention to their own, to ensure the safety of driving time.