How should car maintenance?

Now living standards improve, the pursuit of higher quality of life Will choose to buy a Car, but some people after buying the Car, the Car Will be idle, can not open a few times a year ,, It can not run even 10,000 kilometers. And after buying the Car back to do regular maintenance, inspection Car, solve some security rIsks. General Car maintenance should be Carried out according to the time and mileage open to buy.

1. the first thing to check to see if oil and other Automotive parts have not deteriorated, to double-check, even if not open to ten thousand kilometers should be maintained, can not wait, otherwIse, the oil inside the Car there may be broken, it Will damage the life of the vehicle, over time some features and performance of the Car Will drop a lot. These measures must be good, otherwIse the Car Is better not to buy.

2. If you do not often drive it, oil should be selected relatively long, it Will be appropriate than some of the previous oil, but the Car Is also very good, but also do not often go to maintenance, reduce the number of maintenance.

4. In addition, the Car’s necessities, such as antifreeze, and a portion of supplies should be replaced with durable, if not often drive Car Will not have that great an impact.

5. The last point Is a multi-boot to start the Car engine to avoid the problem of rusting Automobile interior parts, as far as possible every day to open a Car Will be the largest maintenance of

Is the best way of maintenance must be running it, the Car Is bought off, not put the loft, otherwIse in good the Car Will be placed in a problem!

(operations staff: He Shuguang)