How often maintenance once the car, fear of the pit to see here

How often maintenance once the Car? The models to be divided into general fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles and maintenance of these two models are in fact different, new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles which for example, the battery pack and electric motor Car instead of a traditional Car engine to drive the vehicle travels, pure electric vehicles, basically mainly for battery and motor for maintenance of pure electric vehicles in the course of normal maintenance cycle which Is quite long, in general, a lot of the basic maintenance cycle models on a ten thousand kilometers or about once a year to do maintenance.

new energy vehicles, oil filter does not require, and other routine maintenance, only the battery and motor drive routine maintenance, cleaning and holding it, in fact, most electric Car project Is not only in terms of surface maintenance so maintenance project on two main check whether the aging circuit for loose screws damage? Even to wearing parts, such as brake pads, air filters, etc., these things are routine inspection and maintenance.

to Beiqi new energy and BYD Auto Is the case, then the first insurance time between them Is ten thousand kilometers or about a year, basically 1 to twice the number of free maintenance, the costs for the case, relative to the same level of the Car, the maintenance cost Is very low.

The characterIstics of an electric vehicle, each maintenance it Will be on the Car Will be a series of checks, even the power to cell activation and the like, followed by the relevant control unit upgrades and settings, to ensure that if the Car can reach the best condition