How often maintain a good car in the end? Maintenance needs to pay attention to what?


to buy a new Car, to facilitate travel, but do not forget to Car maintenance. So how long the Car serviced once? Any precautions? Today I come to tell you.

First holding time:

First holding time requirements of the different models Is less consIstent, the Car requires some 3000 km, the Car requires some 4000 kilometers, I suggest that the first insurance no more than 5000 kilometers. New Cars generally have a certain run-in period, so the first box of oil certainly there are a lot of iron filings and other foreign matter. Replace the oil Is also an effective way to protect the engine.

for the first time after maintenance, 4S shop typically require 5000 km maintenance time, but some models of the maintenance manual requires less than 8000 km or 6 months. I think thIs according to their own circumstances, in a bad environment where frequent travel, it Is necessary to shorten the mileage and maintenance, if the vehicles often traveling in a vehicle in good condition roads, maintenance cycle can be appropriately extended. Usually when driving and pay attention to traffic prompted the computer. If the message “Please change the engine oil” appears, you need to maintain your Car.

Generally the maintenance item Is the replacement of the three filters and oil. It refers to a so-called three filter oil filter, air filter, fuel filter. Their role Is to filter oil, air, impurities in the gasoline, to prevent these impurities from entering the interior of the engine, affecting the normal operation. We regularly replace these parts can effectively extend the life of the engine.

maintenance Note:

fuel filter and air filter replacement every 10,000 kilometers once, the air filter annually or replaced every 20,000 km.

the need for fluid change the whole Car Is about 40,000 km.

fuel filter and air filter changed every 10,000 kilometers, while the air conditioning filter replacement every 20,000 km or once a year.

Each time the maintenance and inspection of the transmIssion, without changing the transmIssion oil, butTransmIssion oil must be checked regularly.

check once every 40,000 km spark plugs, each spark plug replaced every 80,000 km.