How often do you know the car maintenance it? Come and look at it!

Car at what time do maintain it?

Cars do not often want to do maintenance? You just know it? Regular maintenance Is very expensive? Too many Car maintenance problems Will be more and more, Why give yourself increases worry about it? When buying a Car, no matter when or 4s shop owners and repair works Will say, stop the Car went after a certain mileage Is about to leave to do the maintenance. Some 30,000 kilometers, four kilometers, five kilometers or six kilometers. The other Is, when the number of kilometers the Car has come to the words of the maintenance period. We are about to leave to do the repair and maintenance of the points. Do you know when the Car ran sixty thousand kilometers later, there are a few things that need to replace it? Follow the footsteps of a small series with a look!

these things shall be timely replacement

brake pads, brake pads in Cars traveling to a certain period of time going to be replaced, do not go after sixty thousand kilometers in to replace. People’s Car out means of transport, but it also hurt weapon. Especially in terms of its braking device, as long as it was found a little, it Is necessary to replace the right. OtherwIse, at a critical time, brake failure Is very dangerous. Simply can not control, if the bigger maintenance to the Car, then we would replace the three filters. That Is, fuel filter, air filter as well as oil filter, fuel filter three filter, oil filter, air filter replacement to go ahead, and so open to sixty thousand kilometers, then it Is too late to replace a. We all know that the oil filter every 5,000 km at the time to be replaced once, the air filter Is replaced once every 10,000 kilometers, fuel filter replacement Is every 20,000 km or once a year, their hearts must have the number. When the Car drove to a certain time, the whole Car oil antifreeze, motor oil, transmIssion fluid, brake fluid are unified to be replaced, antifreeze Is used to protect the engine, it has a clean rust effect. Oil, then you do not need to say, the owners themselves are clear. When the brake oil in order to ensure braking without fail, plays a role of lubrication. TransmIssion oil Is to be replaced every 20,000 km once played the role of clean lubricating, protecting the gearbox and gear. Car tires, if not to say only enchant after traveling to sixty thousand kilometers. In peacetime drivingClimate, we have to observe the tire wear, tire pressure, if any problems found, then we should immediately be replaced. As long as the owners pay attention to check the tires before leaving, if there are any questions, I do not want to scrape together a living.

vehicle to know more about the conservation of knowledge about Cars

If some Car tires then the consequences are very serious puncture. Injuries caused by tire burst and burst battlefield injury Is the same character, so everybody should pay attention to thIs matter. All in all, we have to understand more about the conservation of knowledge about Cars.