How often do major maintenance once the car? What are the maintenance project?

Many people know that with the Car then you do not Care, but if maintenance work Is not in place, then there Will be a vehicle or a security rIsk. For example, tire maintenance, if improper maintenance of tires if possible sudden flat tire in a moving way, then result in personal safety. In addition to the front to take on the high-speed check tire pressure, tire pressure Is too high or too low so as not to affect driving safety.

In addition, as the engine Is one of the most important Automotive body parts like the human “heart”, which we can not neglect on the engine maintenance. There are also air filter Is like a mask, to help us filter harmful substances, as well as the throttle Is like a “throat”, the work of these components are complementary, in order to ensure that the engine can operate normally. Maintenance usually includes the first insurance, two security, normal maintenance, low maintenance, major maintenance and so on.

First, tell us about – major maintenance. Major maintenance and other maintenance difference Is in fact nothing more than a few other maintenance items. But the maintenance cycles are not the same, major maintenance Is done once for three years or sixty thousand kilometers. General maintenance for three months or six months in all. Normally Just remember these numbers can have a good grasp of the replacement cycle time. Of course, thIs can not have been in accordance with the number of hours to fix, but also according to their usual Car, if you drive less than three years, sixty thousand kilometers, then bigger and maintenance time can be slightly longer number. So the general maintenance to a large number of kilometers as the main reference base better.

then the Car’s “major maintenance” in what different items do? It Is also very concerned about the owner. In fact, we can understand from the name of thIs large maintenance cost Will be relatively large because of major maintenance to replace parts and a lot of oil. First to check the whole Car oil, brake oil, antifreeze, steering assIst fluid, transmIssion oil. These oil replacement cycle Is generally about 60,000 km.

Of course, since the oil replacement associated with oil items should be checked, such as the removal of Carbon deposition, to replace the battery, replace the spark plug, replace n belts, etc. these should be replaced with. Especially with the Carbon-related, particularly for the use of turbocharged Car, the Carbon Is severely than the average Car, Carbon deposits in the engine, if too much can lead to increased fuel, power down, starting difficulties may be severe you travel half way suddenly walk. It should suddenly turn off the highway that’s very dangerous. Replace the battery can not be ignored. Because now more and more Automotive assembly of electronic devices, battery consumption Is also increasing. And if you forget to turn off the air conditioner, then turn off when the battery Is very easy to lose electricity.